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Wooden Shoe Factory China: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

wooden shoe factory

Figure 1: Painted Wooden Shoes

We all know that wooden shoes are a staple for any business. They’re cheap, dependable, and durable. But what about the people who make them? How do you find the best wooden shoe factory to work with? What’s the difference between an American-made and a Chinese-made wooden shoe? And how can you tell if your new wooden shoe factory is reliable?

As a wholesaler, distributor, brand, or retail business owner, there are many things that you want to know about wooden shoe factories before you start buying from them.

We’ve put together this complete FAQs guide to help you understand everything from the basics to the more complicated details.

But before digging in, you should know what exactly wooden shoes are and the things to look for when buying them!

What Are Wooden Shoes And What To Ponder Upon When Buying Them?


Figure 2: Plain Wooden Shoes

Wooden shoes, also known as clogs, are shoes made from wood. They can also be called traditional safety shoes, typically worn by people who work in fields or on construction sites because the materials are durable and impact resistant.

Wooden shoes are usually made from trees that have been cut down and then shaped into the desired shoe shape. The process of shaping the tree into wooden shoes can be done with saws or other tools, depending on the wood used.

Because there is so much variation in each type of wood and design, many different types of wooden shoes are available today. Some examples include clogs, sandals, moccasins, and high heels.

Wooden shoes may also be covered in leather, fur, or other materials to make them comfortable and protect the wearer from the elements.

Wooden shoes are available in different shapes, designs, sizes, and types. Some are partially made from wood with leather or canvas upper, while others are crafted entirely from wood.

Following are the points you should ponder while buying wooden shoes:

  • Material:Consider the kind of wood used in the shoe. You can opt for a natural wood such as oak or mahogany or choose a synthetic material that is easier to paint. The best wooden shoes are made from hardwoods like walnut or oak because they will last longer than softwoods like pine or fir.
  • Size:Determine the size! Women’s shoe sizes are in whole numbers; men’s shoe sizes are in fractions. If your feet are larger or smaller than average, you might want to get a half-size larger than usual.
  • Room:If you wear orthotics (inserts), buy shoes with room in the toe box to accommodate them.
  • Usage:Consider how much wear you want out of the shoes and what kind of wear they’ll get (e.g., are they going to be worn daily, or only occasionally?). If you are going to wear them daily, prefer buying high-quality shoes, else you can go for cheaper wooden shoes.
  • Price:The price of your wooden shoes will also vary depending on what kind of wood you select and how well it is constructed. Make sure you get a quality pair of wooden shoes at an affordable price. Wooden shoes are typically more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, but they’re worth it if you’re looking for something that will last through many seasons and wears!
  • Style:Consider what kind of style works best with your sense of aesthetics. If you like retro styles or want something more modern-looking, traditional wooden shoes may not be suitable for you—but if you prefer something more classic or timeless, these could be right up your alley!
  • Fit:If possible, try on the wooden shoes before ordering them to ensure they fit correctly.
  • Comfort:Comfort is the most vital when buying new wooden shoes. There are many types of comfort, such as how the shoe feels on your foot and how it fits your foot. You should consider whether you want a soft sole or a hard sole and whether you want to have more padding in your shoe or not. Wooden shoes are typically less comfortable than other types of shoes because they don’t have as much padding under the foot. However, you can get it padded or add a removable insole or orthopedic sole to add cushioning. This means that you won’t have to worry about your feet getting sore or tired as much as you would with typical wooden shoes.
  • Traction:Although wooden shoes have better traction because they’re made from natural materials rather than plastic or rubber, you can add a layer of treaded rubber on the outsole to further enhance the traction. This means that the wearer can climb up slippery surfaces more easily than other shoes. Besides, this rubber layer will also reduce the tapping noise from the wooden shoe while walking.


What’s the difference between an American-made and a Chinese-made wooden shoe?

Figure 3: Black Wooden Shoes

You can tell the difference between an American-made and Chinese-made wooden shoe by examining the quality and style of the wood.

While several factors contribute to the quality of a wooden shoe, it is vital to keep in mind that wood comes in many different qualities.

Wooden shoes made from lower-quality wood may last longer but will be heavier than those made from higher-quality wood. As a result, it is recommended that you pay attention to the wood quality when ordering your wooden shoes.

These shoes have also been more comfortable than their American counterparts. Thanks to the natural curve of the toe box, they fit perfectly and are, therefore, less likely to be worn out than their American counterparts.





  • Chinese wooden shoes are better than American ones because they are much more durable. They are made of lighter materials and have been treated to make them more resistant to water and bacteria.
  • Chinese wooden shoes have a longer lifespan than American wooden shoes. As a result, you can use them for many years without buying new pairs.
  • Chinese wooden shoes are less expensive than American wooden shoes. As a result, you can save money by buying Chinese wooden shoes instead of American wooden shoes.
  • Chinese wooden shoes are made from natural wood. This means that they are more durable than their American counterparts. In addition, they are lighter and easier to maintain than their American counterparts.



How To Find A Reliable Wooden Shoe Factory From China?

Figure 4: hand-Painted Wooden Clogs

When you are looking to buy new shoes for your business, it is natural to want them to be the most unique, durable, high-quality, and comfortable they can possibly be. It will definitely make your customer fall in love with your brand!

To get that result, you need a reliable wooden shoe factory from China that can help you achieve your goal.

There are a lot of companies out there that have been manufacturing wooden shoes; however, not all of them are reliable.

Before you spend money on wooden shoe vendors that promise to offer excellent service at affordable prices, do some research first.

You can find different tips and tricks on finding the best factories from all over the world.

The following steps will give you insights into how you can find a reliable wooden shoe factory and get high-quality shoes for a low price:


  • Know What You Want:

The first thing you need to do when looking for a reliable wooden shoe factory from China is to be clear on what you want from them.

It is obvious that you want the best wooden shoes, but there are other things that you should consider as well.

For instance, you must know what kind of wood you prefer for your shoes. Knowing how long you have to wait for your delivery is also essential. If you have a tight schedule, you will have to find a wooden shoe factory that can deliver your orders in a short time.


  • Do Some Research

Research is the vital to finding reliable wooden shoe factories in China. You need to do some research on the different manufacturers so you can find the best vendor for your needs.

For the research, first, you need to find a wooden shoe factory that makes wooden shoes in China. You can ask your colleague, friend or family, or someone who has already imported wooden shoes from China. You can even look for the manufacturers in advertisements, trade shows, or shoe-related exhibitions.

If all this doesn’t work for you, simply type in keywords on search engines like Bing or Google, like “wooden shoe factories in China,” “Chinese wooden shoe factories,” “buy wooden shoes from China,” and “wooden shoes wholesale manufacturer in China.”

Upon searching on Google or Bing, you will have a list of websites, including resellers, B2B, and official manufacturer websites. You can extract the wooden shoe factory’s details from the B2B sites and list down the official manufacturer websites. Still, it is highly not recommended to buy wooden shoes from resellers, as they are risky, and you may have to pay extra profit or commissions. Therefore, it is feasible to prefer direct wooden shoe factories.


  • Make a List

All the methods mentioned above will give you dozens of wooden shoe manufacturer contacts that you must organize on a spreadsheet.

Once you have finished the search, it’s time to analyze and narrow down the list to choose the best wooden shoe factory for the business.


  • Analyze the manufacturers:

Start the analysis by picking up the wooden shoe factories with the websites on the list. Visit each of the websites and study it deeply. Look for their product catalog, company profile, certifications, services, existing client portfolio, quality control mechanism, and about and contact pages.

Extract the contact details, like email, social media profile, or phone number, from each website and add them to the list.

During the analysis, if you find any website irrelevant or unworthy for your business, discard it from the list.



  • Contact them through email or phone and arrange a meeting over Skype or Hangouts.

Now, you have contact details of all wooden shoe factories that you need to contact one by one. You can call them, email them, or have a virtual meeting on skype or other similar apps.

You can ask them relevant questions, as many as you want! You can judge how quickly they responded, how willing they are to answer your queries and satisfy you, and how experienced and knowledgeable they are in their shoe manufacturing field.

They’ll find someone who does if they don’t know the answers.

But if they don’t care to respond, or give satisfying answers, move on!

For the factories that responded well, continue conversing with them, and tell them your requirements in detail, like what kind of wooden shoes you want, the sizes, material, design, and quantity. Besides, tell them about any customization you need, OEM, ODM, or private label services.

For further satisfaction, you should also request them to allow you to pay a visit to their manufacturing facility. For long-term business relations, you need to ensure that the wooden shoe factory actually exists and has all the right expertise, production capacity, machinery, and labor to meet your demands.

If, for some reason, you cannot visit China, you can request free samples to get real-time experience with the type of wooden shoes they will manufacture for you.

After communicating with all the factories, you will have an idea about the factories that can meet your expectation. At the same time, you must remove the others you find unworthy, unprofessional, or not responding.


  • Compare and choose the best wooden shoe factory:

Once you have collected all the data about the wooden shoe factories, paid a physical visit to their facility, and received quotations and samples, it is time to compare the information and choose the best wooden shoe factory!

For comparison, you need to check the customer reviews, look at the product quality, and compare the prices of different vendors. If you are looking for high-quality shoes made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials, you will have to pay more. However, keeping your budget in mind when looking for a reliable factory is crucial.

Let’s discuss each of the comparable chracteristics one by one:

  • Price: It is the most significant thing when looking for a wooden shoe factory. Many factors determine the cost of a wooden shoe—the type of wood used, the construction method, and so on—but the most significant factor is the material itself. If you’re looking for high-quality wooden shoes that will last for years and years, you should make sure your factory uses high-quality materials such as high-quality wood, strong glue, or embroidered silk lining.
  • Reputation: Look at the reviews on various online forums for the wooden shoe factory before making your decision. It may also be worth checking out their social media accounts to see what kind of marketing they’re doing and how they participate with the public. Reputation is also important when buying wooden shoes, especially if you’re looking for custom-made shoes. It’s always worth looking into the company’s past before committing to any custom order.
  • Source of Wood: You should consider the source of the wood when buying wooden shoes. Some wooden shoes are sourced from illegal tree cutting and may have been treated with harmful chemicals for preservation.
  • Product Quality and Features: You need to consider product quality and features. A good factory will be able to fulfill your end customer’s needs in terms of customization and provide you with a wide array of options for manufacturing your wooden shoes. If you want to create an exclusive line of wooden shoes with specific design elements or like to offer a range of color choices, then your factory must provide high-quality materials and finishes that can withstand wear and tear over time.
  • Experience: Experienced manufacturers (at least five years in the shoe manufacturing industry) can help you choose the right style and color combinations for your business or brand identity. They’ll understand what works best for your end customers based on their needs and preferences, which means they’ll be able to give you the most accurate recommendations possible for wooden shoes so that everyone involved has an easy time shopping for them!
  • Certifications: Hire Only Certified Vendors! If you want to find a reliable vendor that can deliver high-quality wooden shoes at an affordable price, you will have to hire only certified vendors. You can hire a vendor approved by the Chinese government and international quality and safety organizations like ISO, CE, EU, SGS, CCIC, and TUV. These wooden shoe vendors must undergo strict inspections and audits to comply with all the regulations. They must also follow specific guidelines and standards to ensure they are allowed to sell wooden shoes to the public. Besides, their products should meet international quality and safety standards.
  • Customization: Think about customization options. Do you want to customize your wooden shoes? If so, which options should be available? How much would be the wooden shoe’s customization cost? What type of customization options do you want? This will help narrow down which factories would be best for your business needs.
  • OEM/ODM, Private Label: it’s essential to consider whether or not you would like to work with an OEM/ODM (original equipment manufacturer/original design manufacturer) or private label service provider when selecting a wooden shoe factory for your business. Some factories are specialize in making wooden shoes using their designs, while others provide services such as designing logos and customization as per their client’s demands. So, if you are looking for OEM/ODM or private label services, you must ensure the shoe factory provides it and have all the right designers, equipment, and expertise.
  • Product Variety: Apart from Wooden shoes, you may also need to order another type of shoes later on. So, it is ideal to choose the shoe factory that offers a variety of shoe options, so you won’t need to find another one for it.
  • After-sale services and Customer Support: Service is another important factor when choosing a wooden shoe factory because it allows you to receive personalized customer care from your suppliers. This means that whenever there is an issue with your shoes, it will be resolved quickly without any complications or delays! Besides, you are also provided with a warranty to get your end customer’s wooden shoes repaired or replaced without extra cost.
  • Manufacturing Facility: Prefer working with a wooden shoe factory with a well-organized, clean, and well-equipped manufacturing facility. Look for a facility with advanced machinery, high ceilings, lots of natural light, a clean environment, and plenty of space to work with. If possible, visit the facility before you make your final decision to get a feel for how it works and what it looks like.
  • Manufacturing Team: The best wooden shoe factories have a strong manufacturing team. The manufacturing team will include employees knowledgeable about design, marketing strategy, production planning, and financial management. They should have experience creating new designs and maintaining an existing line of shoes. They also need to work with other departments, such as purchasing and finance, to coordinate with them and ensure that all aspects of the process are handled efficiently.
  • Production Capacity: Your wooden shoe supplier’s production capacity needs to be large enough to meet the needs of your business. If you sell shoes, it’s vital that you can meet the demand of a large number of your customers, for which your wooden shoe factory should have enough capacity to keep up with the orders coming in. Besides, the wooden shoe factory’s production capacity should also be able to scale up as your business/brand grows.
  • Payment Terms and Methods: The best shoe factories will offer payment terms that are favorable for your business, such as a 30-day payment plan or early payment discounts. Payment terms are important because they help you budget for purchases, which is essential when considering where to source products. If possible, look for a wooden shoe factory that offers financing options so that you can purchase more shoes than what you need at one time without having to pay interest on the balance owed until it’s paid off completely. Moreover, you must ensure they offer reliable payment methods like L/C, T/T, Western Union, PayPal, Bank Transfer, etc.
  • Shipping Methods: Most offer shipping by plane and by sea, but it often varies between different countries and regions because each country has various regulations about what can be shipped, where, and when. In addition, some countries tax imported goods more than domestic ones, so it is vital to find out if this is an issue before making a purchase decision.
  • Delivery Time: The faster your shoes are delivered, the better. This is especially important for custom orders that you sell in bulk. If you need to rush production but don’t have a lot of inventory on hand, you’ll want to ensure that all orders are delivered within a few days of being placed. If an individual order takes longer than expected, you’ll want to get that information out of the way as quickly as possible so that your customers can order from another supplier if necessary.
  • Quality Control: You should also consider whether the wooden shoe factory has the necessary resources to ensure high-quality products. If they don’t have enough people on Quality control, established quality checking plan, testing machinery, and experience in this area, it could lead to delays in production and lower-quality products. You should constantly check the quality of your products and ensure any issues are resolved before sending them out to customers. This will help your business stay in line with what your customers expect from you and will help prevent any long-term damage or harm being done to your brand reputation or sales figures over time because of poor quality products being delivered into the hands of consumers who weren’t expecting anything less than perfect workmanship from their favorite brands!
  • Research and Development: Research and development is another factor that helps determine how fast your shoes will be made. If your factory does not have a good R&D department, it may take longer for them to develop new designs or improve existing ones—which means your customers will have to wait longer than they would if they had an R&D team working on their behalf!


We hope the abovementioned criteria will help you choose the best Wooden Shoe factory for your brand or business. Once you have finalized your supplier, it’s time to place your order.

How To Place An Order With Chinese Wooden Shoe Factories?

Figure 5: hand-Painted Wooden Shoes

The process is straightforward. You can place an order with Chinese wooden shoe factories by following these steps:

  • Contact the wooden shoe factory directly via email or phone, and communicate your requirements, such as shoe size, design, material, the quantity of each size, and quantity for each design. Besides, tell them if you need any customization, OEM/ODM, or private label services, and request a quote.
  • Once the order is finalized, you will need to sign a detailed contract stating every detail of your order, including total payment, payment terms, delivery time, warranty details, etc.
  • You will receive an email or phone call from the manufacturer confirming your order, including details such as shipping address and payment method. You will have to provide them with your shipping address and pay an upfront amount to confirm the order, while the remaining amount is usually paid at the time of delivery.
  • Once you have confirmed all details of your order and have paid for it, the manufacturer will ship your order to you as soon as possible!



  • Before placing the order, it is highly recommended to visit your nearest Customs department to ensure that they allow the import of wooden shoes from China. Besides, you also need to know about the documents and charges they require for customs clearance once your package reaches your country.
  • Once your order is shipped, thoroughly check each pair of wooden shoes to ensure they have been sent exactly how you have ordered. If there is any issue, get it fixed. Your end customers will be disappointed If there is any defect and you shipped it to them without checking.


Are Buying Wooden Shoes From Chinese Factories Profitable?

Figure 6: Stylish Wooden Shoes

Yes, buying wooden shoes from Chinese factories is profitable for your business because you can reduce the cost of production and increase the profit margin. You can also save significant money by reducing the time required to produce a pair of wooden shoes.

Buying Wooden Shoes from Chinese factories is also profitable because:

  • You can save time and labor costs as Chinese factories have access to one of the cheapest and most skill-full labor in the world, so you don’t need to hire your own.
  • You can also reduce the risk of product defect, as Chinese factories have a strict quality control mechanism, a good QC team, and advanced testing machinery to ensure no defective product leaves their factory. Therefore, you don’t need to hire a separate QC team, consequently reducing your QC and inspection costs and the risk of faulty products.
  • You can reduce the risk of human error during productionas Chinese factories have advanced machinery with mostly automatic processes to during the risk of human error. These human errors result in defective products.
  • You can also reduce our exposure to counterfeit products, as Chinesewooden shoe factories are reliable, only produce high-quality, unique products, and have all the required licenses and patents to prevent counterfeit production. In contrast, you risk buying substandard counterfeit products from unreliable resellers and online stores.
  • You can also reduce your risk of product liability lawsuits, as Chinese shoe factories only use high-quality raw materials, comply with international quality and safety standards, have strict quality control, and offer a product warranty. This significantly reduces the likelihood that any end-user will get injured and file a lawsuit against your business/brand.

So, all the points mentioned above confirm that buying wooden shoes from Chinese factories is beneficial for your business because it can improve your overall profitability and competitiveness in the market.


Do Chinese Wooden Shoe Factories Provide Better Prices Than The Rest Of The World?

Figure 7: White Wooden Shoes

Yes, Chinese wooden shoe factories are comparatively affordable and provide better quality and price than the rest of the world due to several factors.

  • Chinese wooden shoe factories have years of experience manufacturing shoes, giving them an edge over their foreign competitors.
  • China is one of the leading producers of wood and raw material required to make shoes. Most shoe manufacturers outside China import their raw materials from China. So, Chinese manufacturers have an advantage here as they can get their raw materials more cheaply because they have a huge domestic market for it.
  • China has a massive supply of highly skilled and trained labor to manufacture high-quality wooden shoes in large quantities, in less time, and at a lower price. Besides,they also have a large fleet of workers more willing to work overtime.
  • Chinese factories also have lower labor costs than their foreign counterparts. This is because they typically pay their workers less than $1 per hour. In contrast, many foreign factories pay their employees at least $2 per hour. Because of this, Chinese factories can maintain a lower profit margin than their foreign competitors.
  • China has the largest shoe manufacturing capacity in the world. They have huge factories with state-of-the-art machinery, skilled labor, and multiple production lines to cater to bulk production.
  • China’s production costs are also lower than other countries due to high research and development and the factors mentioned earlier. This means that Chinese makers can pass on their savings to customers and still make a profit. By contrast, factories in many other countries have higher production costs than in China. As a result, they can’t afford to give customers the same discounts or sale prices as Chinese makers.
  • Chinese government’s manufacturer-friendly and export-friendly policies, like low taxes and duties and various other incentives, further enables the Chinese wooden shoe manufacturers to reduce their manufacturing cost.



So, by cutting costs and increasing profit margins, Chinese shoe factories can provide better prices for their customers than the rest of the world.

How do Chinese Factories Maintain The Quality Of Wooden Shoes?

Figure 8: High Quality Wooden Shoes

Chinese factories take various measures to maintain the quality of wooden shoes, some of which are as below:

  • They use high-quality raw material: For a wooden shoe to be of good quality, it is made from high-quality materials. Wooden shoes are made from various materials, including cedar, oak, ash, and redwood. These woods make up the shoe’s core and provide strength and stability. Shoe manufacturers also use more than one type of wood to blend different qualities into one product. For example, a pair of shoes may have a cedar toe box and a cedar heel box. These two types of wood add strength to the shoe and help ensure that it is comfortable and durable.
  • They have strict quality control:Factories use several quality control measures, including inspection, sampling, and testing, to ensure the wooden shoes meet the required standards before they go into production.

They have a dedicated QC team with all the right testing equipment and training.

They check each pair of shoes, from start till they leave the factory, to ensure they meet the required standards. If they do not meet these standards, they are immediately rejected and sent back to the manufacturing department for corrections before being shipped to customers again.

  • They ensure that their boots are adequately made and fit. Chinese manufacturers use machines to make shoes custom-fit for each person wearing them. This ensures that they won’t be too loose or tight on anyone’s feet, which could cause discomfort or even injury if it’s not done correctly.
  • They also use many different types of glue to hold the shoe together and ensure it stays together when you wear it all day.
  • To maintain quality control over their products, Chinese manufacturers use an array of techniques and tools. They may use an automated machine that can produce hundreds of pairs of wooden shoes at once. The devices can monitor each step of the manufacturing process so that the product can be made consistently across all locations.
  • Some wooden shoe factories like HYDshoes also use a wide range of sensors to check for defects during production. These sensors can detect even small changes in color or texture that might indicate a defect in the product. They can also detect when a shoe is off-line or out of alignment before it reaches customers’ hands.




Can We Give A Customized Order Of Wooden Shoes Based On Our End Customers’ Needs To Chinese Factories?

Figure 9: Kid’s Wooden Shoes

Yes, Chinese Wooden shoe factories offer in-depth customization per end-users demand. The customization of wooden shoes can be done in numerous ways:

  • Customize the color and design:You can customize the color of the wooden shoe, or you can have them made with a specific pattern or design. You can also have your wooden shoes painted with designs and patterns that your end customer like. This will allow you to choose the style of shoes your end customer like to wear, so if you’re looking for something more formal or casual, it will enable you to match the shoes with your end customer’s outfit. The wooden shoe factory will also assist you if you want to change your style entirely and try something new; customizing wooden shoes is a great way to do that. It’s easy—just let us know how you want your wooden shoes customized!
  • Add extra features: The most common customization is adding laces or a strap to the partial wooden shoe, usually with a wooden sole and leather upper. You can also customize the shape and size of the shoe, as well as where it sits on your foot, as per your end customer’s requirement. Another way to customize your shoes (if your end customer or brand demands them) is by adding some extra features. For example, if you want to be able to wear them in the snow, you can add some extra traction to the bottom of your shoe with grip tape or rubber bands.
  • Customizing the fit:You may also want to customize your wooden shoe’s fit as per your end customer’s requirement. Some people prefer a more snug fit, while others prefer a looser fit. If you’re worried about your foot slipping out during runs, you might consider getting a sturdier shoe with more support or thicker soles.



Do Chinese Wooden Shoe Factories Provide OEM/ODM Services?

Figure 10: Wooden Shoes

Yes, reliable Chinese wooden shoe factories like HYDshoes provide OEM/ODM services.

In OEMs, the wooden shoe factory typically designs and develops products in-house. In contrast, ODMs, the factory typically focus on manufacturing products based on designs and specifications provided by their client. Sometimes, an ODM may develop a product on its own and then market it to OEMs.

Choosing a supplier who provides OEM/ODM services means that not only can you get shoes that fit your brand and your customers’ needs, but also that you will have access to the best factories in the world.

Besides, you’ll get a more complete package. Wooden Shoe factories that provide OEM/ODM services will offer the tools you need to create and market your brand. You won’t have to depend on any part of your business to succeed—you’ll have access to everything you need in one place.


Is There Any Extra Cost Of Wooden Shoes OEM/ODM Service?

Yes, you have to pay an extra cost for availing of OEM/ODM services provided by wooden shoe factories. The charges, however, depend on the level of personalization you want on the product.


How Many Types Of Wooden Shoes Are Manufactured By Chinese Manufacturers?

Clogs are the most common type of wooden shoe manufactured by Chinese manufacturers. They are available in different sizes, widths, colors, and print designs.

Moreover, partially wooden shoes are also available where the wooden sole is used with leather or canvas upper. These shoes are available in different designs, including party, tap, clogs, work, etc.


Are Wooden Shoes Produced By Chinese Manufacturer Water Resistant?

Yes, wooden shoes by HYDshoes are pretty water resistant! This is because the wood we use is naturally resistant to water damage, and when these shoes are manufactured, we properly treat and seal them so that they can withstand quite a bit of water.

So, if your end customer is ever in a situation where they need to walk through some water, don’t worry – these wooden shoes will be just fine.


What Do I Need To Place Bulk Order For Wooden Shoes From China?

If you want to place a bulk order for shoes from China, you’ll need to contact HYDshoe’s customer service team.

We can help you figure out what type of wooden shoes you want and how much they will cost, as well as give you information about the shipping process. If you have any questions along the way, we’re happy to answer them!




What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Wooden Shoes From China?

Figure 11: Wooden Shoes for Babies

The manufacturing process of wooden shoes in China is quite a complex one.

First, the raw materials are collected and sorted. The wood used for the shoes will be selected based on its color, grain, and density (the client’s requirement is also kept in mind).

The wood that has been chosen for making the shoe is then cut into different parts according to the size of the shoe being made.

Once all these steps have been taken care of, they will be shaped into different shapes using hydraulic presses and other machines that help with manufacturing processes.

After the shaping, they are cut into smaller pieces to be glued together.

Finally, they are painted and finished before being sent to their final destination!

The manufacturing process may differ according to the type of wooden shoe produced.


What Are Quality Checks Done Before Shipping Wooden Shoes To Clients?

Before you ship wooden shoes to customers, there are a few quality checks that reliable wooden shoe manufacturers like HYDshoes conduct:

  • The raw material, like wood, accessories, sole material, and glue, for wooden shoes is strictly tested and selected to ensure maximum quality.
  • An expert inspects the shoes. They will be tested for their durability and feel by having them rubbed down with sandpaper and measured against a ruler. The shoes are also tested for cracks, holes, or other defects that might affect the shoe’s fit.
  • We also use a third party to check our wooden shoes for quality and fit.


HYDshoes have a complete QC team, with a well-established and well-equipped QC Lab to conduct all the quality assurance tests.


What Shipment Methods Are Offered By Wooden Shoe Factories?

Reliable wooden shoe manufacturers like HYDshoes usually ship the production by sea or air, while samples are shipped through DHL or FedEx.


How To Get The Best Deal From Chinese Wooden Shoe Factories?

Figure 12: Partial Wooden Shoes with Leather Upper

There are many opportunities for you as a business owner or a consumer to get the best deal from Chinese shoe factories. Here are some tips on how to get the best value from Chinese shoe factories:


  • Getting in contact with a trusted wooden shoe supplier is one of the most important things you can do when trying to get a good deal from Chinese wooden shoe factories. If you don’t have any contacts in your area, try searching online for other suppliers who offer products similar to yours by searching through their websites and social media profiles.
  • Choose one that looks promising based on the price and quality of its products/services offered; this way, you can avoid getting scammed by a cheap brand that offers poor quality products/services at high prices!
  • Another thing you should consider when looking for wooden shoe suppliers is their reputation among customers within your area or nationwide (if possible). This will help you determine whether or not they are trustworthy before committing any money to them!
  • Negotiate well with your wooden shoe factory and try getting discounts from them. They usually offer discounts on bulk orders.


Can I Get a Discount On Bulk Order Of Wooden Shoes?

Yes, only reliable wooden shoe manufacturers like HYDshoes offer discounts on bulk orders without compromising the quality.


Can I Visit The Chinese Wooden Shoe Factory Before Placing An Order?

Yes, wooden shoe factory like HYDshoes welcomes their clients to visit their manufacturing facility before placing an order. You can communicate with us at HYDshoes.com to plan the visit.


Why HYDshoes Lead the Chinese Market In Wooden Shoe Manufacturing?

Figure 13: High top boots with wooden sole

HYDshoes has come a long way in the shoe manufacturing journey and is now quite near to becoming China leading wooden shoe manufacturer. It was all made possible due to:

  • Hard work and dedication of highly-skilled and trained HYDshoes team of designers, engineers, QC, and other workers, who have been part of this wooden shoe factory for 5 to 10 years.
  • Since its launch in 2008, HYDshoes have served 24+ Years in providing its clients with high-quality products and services. Besides, it has taken the customer’s feedback seriously and fixed the issues in the product and services accordingly to build trust among its customers worldwide.
  • HYDshoes have acquired all the required licenses and certification to manufacture the safest and high-quality shoes, including ISO, CE, and EU. Besides, it offers optional certificates per its client’s demand, including SGS, INTERTEK, CCIC, BV, and TUV.
  • HYDShoes offers different types of wooden shoes, including wooden sandals, wooden flats, wooden clogs, and wooden boots. These shoes are made from natural materials such as wood, rubber, and leather. They’re comfortable to wear, and they’re resistant to water damage.
  • Apart from wooden shoes, HYDshoes offers a wide range of footwear for men, women, and kids, including sports, formal, high-heel, casual, school, orthopedic, dance, etc.
  • HYDshoes have maintained strict quality control on its production, where every pair of shoe is inspected from raw material to finished product. They have a dedicated QC team with a state-of-the-art QC lab equipped with advanced testing machinery.
  • Apart from pre-stocked shoes, HYDshoes also offer OEM/ODM and private label services to cater to Wholesalers, Importers, Private Labels, Traders, Dealers, Brands, Brokers, Distributors, Department stores, Supermarket, and Chain stores.
  • They have a highly-skilled and experienced team of designers that works days and nights to launch 1000+ latest and unique designs for their customers every month.
  • They accept small Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and mixed orders and can deliver products in 2 to 45 days to most parts of the world.
  • They offer excellent pre-sale and after-sales services along with fantastic customer support.
  • HYDshoes welcome their client to visit their manufacturing facility and offer free samples. Besides, they provide reliable payment methods, including Western union, PayPal, T/T, L/C, and bank transfers.




Final Words

Finding the best wooden shoe factory in China is not an easy task.

It would be best if you were careful when choosing them.

The best way to find a reliable wooden shoe vendor is to follow the tips mentioned in this article.

It is essential to understand what you want from a wooden shoe vendor and choose the one with quality, sustainability, and affordability.

When looking for a vendor, make sure you do some research on the different wooden shoe factories.

You should hire only certified vendors and get reviews and quotes from different shops.

With these tips, you can find a reliable factory that can offer you high-quality shoes at an affordable price.

If you’re searching for a new pair of wooden shoes and can’t find a reliable wooden shoe factory, then HYDShoes.com is the place to go.

We offer a wide range of styles and designs so that you can find the perfect pair for your needs. Plus, we offer worldwide shipping on all orders, so you don’t have to worry about your location to get started.

If you have any questions about our products or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at HYDshoes.com!


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