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Sustainable Shoe Manufacturers in China: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

sustainable shoes manufacturer

Figure 1. Reliable, sustainable shoe manufacturer


Are you looking for reputable and experienced sustainable shoe manufacturers from China?

Do you want to start a new business venture regarding sustainable shoes? If so, here’s a complete FAQ guide for you.

Get into this guide to learn more about the quality and customized sustainable shoes from trustworthy sources in China.

But before exploring, businesses must know what exactly sustainable shoes are, why they should promote them as their first priority, and how these are profitable for their business.

What are Sustainable Shoes, and what are their benefits?

Sustainable shoes are a type of footwear that is made from sustainable materials, such as rubber and leather. The shoes can be made by recycling old shoes, or by recycled materials, or even recycled plastic bottles and tires.

Sustainable shoes are often more expensive than regular ones, but they are worth the extra cost if you want to support an environmentally-friendly product.

Sustainable shoes are an excellent option for the environment and can be pretty comfortable.

One benefit of sustainable shoes is that they’re made of natural materials. Sustainable materials are typically more comfortable than traditional materials, so you’ll be able to enjoy your shoes without having to sacrifice comfort to protect the environment.

Another benefit of sustainable shoes is that they’re made with less waste and fewer chemicals. This means you won’t have to worry about potentially harmful chemicals seeping into your body through these products, which could lead to health problems.

Sustainable shoes also help reduce carbon emissions by reducing the amount of energy used in production and distribution. This means less pollution in the air, which will help improve the air quality around us!

Sustainable shoes are better for your health, too—you’ll be helping protect yourself from toxins and other harmful things that could be inside a pair of regular shoes!

Last but not least, Sustainable shoes have an increased lifespan. Many sustainable shoes are made with recycled materials, meaning they will last longer than their non-sustainable counterparts.



Why are Sustainable shoes highly profitable for your business?

Sustainable shoes can be highly profitable for your business because they can help you positively impact the environment and provide you with a competitive edge in the marketplace.

When it comes to sustainability, there are a lot of shoe companies that are trying to do good. However, you must do it right.

You don’t want to be amongst the crowd of companies who just throw money at the problem without making any significant change.

Choosing sustainable shoes made from natural materials can help create a more environmentally friendly society.

This has several benefits for your bottom line as well as your customers:

  • The market for sustainable products is growing, and it’s growing fast.
  • You’ll be able to market yourself as an environmentally conscious company.
  • You’ll be able to attract new customers who care about their footprint and want to purchase environmentally friendly products.
  • Your customers will feel good knowing they’re wearing something good for their health and the planet.
  • Using sustainable materials and processes, you can create more durable and longer-lasting products that are also more environmentally friendly. This will build the trust of your customers in your products.
  • Sustainable shoes are more expensive than traditional shoes, but they’re made with less waste and have lower carbon footprints, as they’re made using fewer resources and less energy. So, you can source these shoes at a lower price from manufacturers in China and sell them at a high price to your customers to yield more profit.



How to Find Sustainable Shoe Manufacturers from China?


Figure 2. Profitable, sustainable shoes


Finding a sustainable shoe manufacturer from China can be easy with the following steps.

Step 1: Do a Keen Research

With Google’s help, you can easily access the official websites and contact details of several sustainable shoe manufacturers from China.

Typing the respective keywords, like “reliable Chinese sustainable shoe manufacturer,” ” Eco-friendly shoe manufacturer in China,” and ” best sustainable shoe manufacturer in China,” on the search bar will help you with different options for manufacturers. You will have a list of manufacturers’ official websites or contact details published on various forums or web directories.

Besides, you can also visit relevant trade shows or exhibitions or ask someone in your friend, family, colleagues, or social circle if they know about any trustworthy Chinese sustainable shoe supplier.

Once you have a list of websites and contact details, make a list on a spreadsheet for easy evaluation.


Step 2: Evaluate Different Sources

From your list of sustainable shoe manufacturers, visit the ones on the website.

Analyze each of them and get detailed information about their experience, price, certifications, product range, reviews, and contact details.

If you find any manufacturer unworthy or irrelevant, discard it from your list. This will help you shortlist your potential sustainable shoe manufacturer.


Step 3: Communicate with the Manufacturers

Now, contact each sustainable shoe manufacturer in China via email, phone, Skype, or Video call. Communicate your requirements, like the type of sustainable shoes you want, your budget, and quantity. Besides, also tell them if you need any customization or OEM/ODM or Private label services.

You can ask them anything regarding their products, pre-sale and after-sales services, experience, and certifications, and judge whether they give satisfying answers. Their response time and willingness to work with you will also count a lot.

If you are planning long-term business with the supplier, paying a visit to their manufacturing facility is highly suggested. You can see how well-organized they are, meet their manufacturing team, evaluate their products and check out their machinery and equipment.

If you can’t pay a visit, you can still request them free samples and ask them for quotations.


Step 4: Check the Parameters

Put the collected information of sustainable shoe suppliers side by side and compare them through different parameters, and finally, shortlist the top 5 sustainable shoe manufacturers from China.

The comparable parameters include:

  • Experience: If a company is new to the sustainable shoe industry, it’s important to check out its track record and see how they’ve performed in the past. Besides, they must better understand the materials they use and the best way to ensure that their shoes are made with sustainable materials. You can also look at their mission statement for more information about how they plan to contribute to environmental sustainability in the future. It is highly suggested to prefer a company with at least 4 to 6 years of experience in sustainable shoe manufacturing.
  • Reputation: A company’s reputation should reflect its quality, service, and commitment to sustainability. When evaluating this factor, think about what other customers have said about the sustainable shoe manufacturing company—have you heard good things from other customers? Do you feel like your questions were answered by customer service reps? Does the company have a good reputation with third-party organizations like consumer protection agencies or environmental NGOs? You can check their reputation by reading their reviews on various online forums and social media platforms.
  • Product Range: The selection process should also consider whether or not the supplier’s product range covers your needs. Does their inventory include styles that will meet your needs? How long has it been since they’ve added new styles into their line? Are there other brands that offer similar products but aren’t available through them? The more options available on offer, the better! Sustainable shoe manufacturers should offer a variety of sizes and widths so that you can find something that fits your end-customer perfectly. They should also have many different types of materials used in creating their products to have something for everyone’s needs and tastes.
  • Product Quality and Features: Sustainable shoes are often made from natural materials such as leather, cotton, and canvas. The styles of these shoes will vary depending on the materials used for their construction. A good shoe manufacturer should be able to provide you with information about how the different components of their products are sourced and what kind of treatment they receive during production. Besides, you must ensure their shoes are designed and manufactured by highly skilled designers and workers and comply with international quality standards. Moreover, look for the features of the shoes they offer, like sustainable work shoes that come with a comfortable insole, non-slip outsole, spill-resistant upper, etc. So, you must compare the features offered by each manufacturer and choose the one that offers the best value for money.
  • MOQ: Sustainable shoe manufacturers often want a minimum order quantity (MOQ) from you before they can begin manufacturing your order. This helps them ensure they can produce enough shoes for you to meet your needs economically without sacrificing quality or cutting corners on materials. So, you must ensure that your order quantity exceeds their MOQ; else, they won’t take your order or charge you extra.
  • Production Capacity: it’s important to look at production capacity when choosing a sustainable shoe manufacturer because large factories have more resources than small ones. They can afford more expensive machinery and equipment that helps them produce more shoes at once without sacrificing quality or time-to-market value. So, the manufacturer’s production capacity should be considered to ensure they have enough capacity to meet your demand at all times.
  • Manufacturing Team: When choosing a shoe manufacturer, you need to consider the team that makes the shoes. The people who make your shoes should be kind, empathetic, and committed to the environment. They should also have the right skills for the job: not only good at manufacturing but also able to innovate and improve on their products over time.
  • Manufacturing Facility: The factory should be well-equipped with machinery and processes to produce custom shoes, including those made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp, or any recycled material. It should also be able to quickly adapt to new technologies as they become available to continue producing high-quality products while remaining environmentally friendly.
  • Research and Development: it’s important to know what kind of research and development goes into your new pair of shoes: do they have some sort of special feature that makes them stand out? Are they made with recycled materials? Do they come in a wide range of different colors? If so, you can rest assured knowing that your new pair is environmentally friendly regarding production processes and your purchase decision! Besides, the R&D team of the manufacturer must take customers’ complaints seriously and try to remove the issue in the next batch.
  • Testing and Quality Control: it’s important to ensure their product is high quality. This means they should have a testing facility to test their products for production defects before they are shipped to customers. They will also test for durability and safety by putting the shoe through rigorous testing with different weights, temperatures, and pressures. Moreover, they must implement a strict quality check on their production, where their sustainable shoes are inspected in every phase, from raw material to finished product.
  • Certifications: A good manufacturer will also have certifications regarding its products. This means independent third-party organizations have tested them to ensure they meet certain quality standards. These organizations include ISO, FLO, BV, EU, CE, RSP, TUV, etc.
  • Customization, OEM/ODM, and Private Label Services: A good manufacturer will be able to create custom designs based on client needs as well as special requests such as color variations or modifications in materials used within their product line. Besides, also ensure if they provide OEM/ODM and private label services. A reliable manufacturer will also provide these services so that clients can customize their brand image without having to go through all the hassles of developing their own brand from scratch!
  • Customer Support: Customer support is important because it can make or break a purchase decision. Customers want to feel they can reach out to the manufacturer if they have questions or need help with their order. The company’s website should be easy to navigate—it should include clear instructions on how to contact customer service.
  • Shipping Time and Method: When choosing a sustainable shoe manufacturer, it’s important to consider how long it takes for them to ship your order. While some manufacturers take only one or two days to ship an order, others can take up to two weeks or more. It’s also important to look at their shipping methods because some prefer shipping by sea, while others may use air shipping.
  • Payment Terms and Method: You must know what kind of payment options does the sustainable shoe manufacturing company offer? Do they require you to pay in advance or offer partial payment? Besides, you must also know how you can pay them. Do they offer risky payment gateways or accept payment through reliable sources like Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal, T/T, L/C, Bank Transfer, etc.?


Step 5: Compare the Prices

Now compare the shortlisted sustainable shoe manufacturers based on your needs and demands. Choose the most suitable manufacturer based on the price, quality, and criteria mentioned earlier.

With these steps, you can easily find a Chinese shoe manufacturer that is reliable and sustainable. Still, if you can’t find one, we suggest you try You won’t regret it!



Is Buying Sustainable Shoe From Chinese Manufacturers Profitable?

Buying sustainable shoes from China is profitable because of certain factors. Some of them are:

  1. Lower Production Cost

The most popular sustainable shoes produced in China are low-cost and high-quality, which allows them to be sold in large quantities. The fact that they are produced at a low cost makes it possible for companies to manufacture many shoes with a small investment, which increases their profit margin. The low price also allows them to sell their products at a lower cost than other brands, making them more competitive than other brands.

It means you can get quality shoes at the best price, which can be a profitable deal to boost your sales.

  1. Top Notch Service

Providing excellent customer service is key to building trust with sustainable Chinese shoe manufacturers. They provide customization at a minimum price without compromising the product’s quality.

  1. Large Production Capacity

Manufacturers can produce large quantities of sustainable shoes to accommodate small businesses. They are disciplined in delivering bulk orders on time.


  1. Quick Production and Delivery

The time saved by purchasing sustainable shoes from Chinese manufacturers is significant. It takes less than half the time to get a custom-made sustainable shoe design made in China as it does to design one in North America. This means that your business will be able to spend less time on operations, which can be put toward other projects or tasks that require more attention.


  1. Best Quality at an Affordable Price

Buying sustainable shoes from Chinese manufacturers also saves money on materials costs. You are not paying for expensive leather or other materials like suede when you purchase sneakers designed in China. The less expensive cost of materials helps make up for the lower price point of a shoe designed in China versus one designed in Canada or other parts of the world, where workers earn a higher hourly wage than they do in China.



Do Chinese Sustainable Shoe Manufacturers Provide Better Prices Than The Rest Of The World?



Figure 3. Sustainable shoes at the best price


The prices of sustainable shoes offered by Chinese manufacturers are lower than those offered by their counterparts abroad. Many factors can support this point, including:

● Low Labor Cost

Due to the low labor cost in China, buyers can easily find sustainable shoes at the best price than the rest of the world.

● Local Machinery

Chinese do not import shoemaking machinery from other countries. In the same way, if they find a problem with their equipment, they do not seek help from the outside.

They know how to resolve technical issues on their own. This factor serves a lot in the better prices of sustainable shoes.


● Local Raw Material

Apart from shoe manufacturing and exports, China also leads in the exports of shoe raw materials and recycled materials.

In fact, most sustainable shoe manufacturers outside China import Chinese raw materials, and of course, sourcing raw materials from China costs them extra compared to manufacturers inside China.

This is why Chinese sustainable shoe manufacturers can cut production costs and offer the most competitive price.


● Low Shipping Cost and Tax

The shipping cost and tax on exporting shoes from China are comparatively lower than the other countries in the world. It’s one of the reasons for the best prices of sustainable shoes from China.




What Is The Quality Of Chinese Sustainable Shoes?

Figure 4. Quality of sustainable shoes


The quality of Chinese sustainable shoes highly depends upon the source of purchase. Choosing reliable and experienced suppliers for sustainable shoes will help you ensure the product’s quality.

HYDshoes stands out in providing quality sustainable shoes.

Our specialized design helps you to meet customer demands and level up sales.

Our strict quality control and compliance with international quality standards ensure our sustainable shoes are loved by our clients worldwide.

As expert suppliers with 20+ years of experience, highly-skilled labor, and advanced machinery, we provide fashionable, high-quality, and durable shoes in a minimum amount of time.

Here, you’ll get quality and quantity at the most competitive prices.



Figure 4. Quality of sustainable shoes

What if we wanted to provide Chinese manufacturers with a custom order of sustainable shoes based on the needs of our end customers?

Figure 5. Custom sustainable shoes


Yes, you can give a customized order of sustainable shoes based on your high-end customers’ needs. Here are some points to consider.

  1. Evaluate the Market Demand

Check the market demand of your country. Find out what a customer wants in a product. It would help to understand the latest trends in your market.

  1. Clarity about Customization

Customized order of sustainable shoes comes with different options like;

  • Change in shoe material
  • Size and color of the shoe
  • Logo design
  • Shoe box size


Here, specify the material that you want in your customized product. Don’t forget that customizing the shoe material can affect your budget.

For instance, if you ask for high-end materials, the cost of sustainable shoes may get high and vice versa. Be clear about the color combinations and size of sustainable shoes.


  1. Proper Communication

Contact the sustainable shoe manufacturer. You can visit the website’s homepage and write a detailed quote.

Here, mention your customized order and its quantity. Also, negotiate with the team about the cost of your customized order.


Why Hydshoes Lead the Chinese Market In Sustainable Shoe Manufacturing?

Hydshoes, being a trustworthy manufacturer, leads the Chinese market in sustainable shoe manufacturing. We, the experts, specialize in making sustainable shoe products with 1000+ new designs every month.

The excellent team from our side focuses on designing and producing comfortable, high-quality shoes to boost your sales. Here, you’ll find the largest and most comprehensive range of sustainable shoes at the best price.

We, being quality-conscious suppliers, made sustainable shoes with premium materials and finishes. Our strict quality control team ensures the pure quality of sustainable shoes every time you buy them.


How Are Sustainable Shoes Made? What are the special materials used?



Figure 6. Material of sustainable shoes


Manufacturers use unique materials in the manufacturing of sustainable shoes, like;

  • Leather

As the most durable material, leather is commonly used in making sustainable shoes. It’s a perfect material to resist tearing and abrasion.


Leathers help to regulate the temperature of your feet. Undoubtedly this material makes your shoes breathable and elastic as no other shoe material can.

  • Textile

Textile is used in many components of shoemaking. Like leather, the fabric offers a wide array of varieties and colors.


The fabric gives versatility to the design and style of shoes. The most commonly used fabric materials are:

  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Wool
  • Polyester


These variations induce different properties in sustainable shoes, like breathability, temperature control, and support.

  • Synthetics

PU leather or synthetic leather material is best to make shoes supportive yet affordable. There are many textures and colors to choose from with this material.

  • Rubber

It’s the most commonly used material for making shoe soles. Rubber is essential for a wide variety of sustainable shoes like sports, tennis, and running shoes.

  • Foam

This material is known for support and comfort in sustainable shoes. The foam material is typically made with plastics. Moreover, its two types serve different purposes in shoemaking.


Open cell foam makes the shoes more breathable, while closed cell foam provides insulation to the boots. Closed cell foam is the denser material used to make the shoe’s midsole.


Do Chinese Sustainable Shoe Manufacturers Provide ODM Services?


Chinese sustainable shoe manufacturers provide ODM services.

These services benefit small businesses by saving time from research and development.

There are two types of ODM services:

● Private Label

Private labels are complete products that are sold by small businesses.

● White Label

White label refers to the generic sustainable shoes that small businesses sell under their brand name. Further, ODM services help buyers to get quality sustainable shoes at a low price rate.


Is There Any Extra Cost Of Sustainable Shoe OEM/ODM Service?

The extra cost of sustainable shoe OEM/ODM service depends on;

● Quantity of the Order

Your order quantity is a deciding factor for the cost of OEM/ODM services. If you purchase sustainable shoes in bulk, you will probably get a healthy discount and a lower price on ODM/OEM services.


● Customization in the order

Customized order is also responsible for the extra cost of OEM/ODM services, especially if you choose high-end materials for sustainable shoes.

On the other hand, if you choose quality and affordable material for your customized sustainable shoes, the cost of ODM/OEM services will be low.


How To Check The Quality Of Sustainable Shoes?

Checking the quality of sustainable shoes through product inspection can be helpful. In addition, it helps you understand how flexible and sustainable shoes are.

Morely, check the size and fitting of the shoes. Test the stitching and bonding of the sole as well. It would make you know more about its different fastening processes.

Do check the color of the shoes by testing in the worst damp conditions. To ensure the shoe material, you can ask the manufacturer about it.

For keen product inspection, it’s advisable to take help from professionals. As a result, you will be able to determine the quality of sustainable shoes more thoroughly.


How Many Types Of Sustainable Shoes Are Manufactured By Chinese Manufacturers?


     Figure 8. Types of sustainable shoes


Chinese manufacturers manufacture various types of sustainable shoes. Some of them are:

● Sustainable Hiking Shoes

Manufacturers design sustainable hiking shoes with slip-resistant rubber soles. Its thick insole provides good arch support. These hiking shoes feature insulation to keep you warm and dry in certain weather conditions.


● Sustainable Tennis Shoes

Sustainable tennis shoes are made with flexible and durable material to ensure free moments while playing tennis.

The soft sole sustainable shoes work perfectly for soft courts, while soles with more trends are suitable for hard court play.

● Platform Sustainable Shoes

These shoes have thick soles and high heels to keep feet off the ground. Platform shoes come in different types, such as sandals, closed-toe, or boots.


● Slingback Sustainable Shoes

These slingback shoes give good cover to the toe. The heel of the boots is secured with a strap. Slingbacks come in a variety of heels and flats.


● Sustainable Walking Shoes

Lightweight materials are used to make sustainable walking shoes. The slightly rounded structure of these shoes helps to shift your weight from the feet ball to the toe more smoothly.


● Sustainable Running Shoes

These shoes feature plenty of cushioning to absorb the shock of running. The rubber sole and canvas upper give a classy look to these sustainable shoes.

These running shoes are designed to move forwards and provide enough protection to your foot and heel.


Do Chinese Manufacturers Produce Water Resistant Sustainable Shoes?

Chinese manufacturers produce water-resistant, sustainable shoes. They design these shoes with special closed cell foam, which provides complete insulation to the shoes from water and air.

Certain styles of sustainable shoes are designed to bear tough and rugged surfaces.

Hiking shoes, running shoes, and rain boots are one of their most common types. These shoe types go perfectly for tracking and unexpected weather conditions.

What Do I Need To Place Bulk Order For Sustainable Shoe From China?

Figure 9. Order for sustainable shoes


To place a bulk order for sustainable shoes from China, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Find a Reliable Source

Finding a reliable source for sustainable shoes will never disappoint you with the quality. Here Google’s research method will be helpful.

Step 2: Visit the Website

Once you find a reliable source and get satisfied with their experience and reviews, visit the website to learn more about the supplier and its versatile products.

Step 3: Choose the Type and Size of Sustainable Shoes

In the further step, specify the type, color, and size of sustainable shoes for your bulk order.

Step 4: Request a Quote

On the website’s homepage, down at the bottom, you’ll find an option to request a detailed quote. Here you can put all the details of your order.

Step 5: Provide Info to the Team

After a detailed quote, the team will contact you for further inquiry. Please, ensure to communicate the exact address for the shipment and time of delivery to the team.


Do Sustainable Shoes Come With A Warranty?

Sustainable shoes from China come with a warranty of 180 days. Within the warranty period, if buyers face any difficulty with the product, manufacturers offer to replace or repair the shoes.

However, certain manufacturers do not offer a warranty on their products. Therefore, it’s essential to choose sustainable shoe suppliers with care as it’s crucial to ensure the quality and durability of sustainable shoes.


Forms Of Payment Does Sustainable Shoe Manufacturer Accept?


Figure 10. Different payment methods


Sustainable shoe manufacturers accept payments in different forms.

● Cash Payment

Cash is an unbeatable payment method, but if you’re unsatisfied with the delivery, you should not consider this method.

● Escrow

In this payment method, payments get into the hand of a third party. The amount remains secure until you receive and get satisfied with the goods. Escrow is effective as it reduces the risk for both parties.

● Wise Payment Method

This form of payment is less complex compared to other payment methods. It’s an effective one because of the frequent transfers. Here, you can pay in your local currency, and others will get payment in their local currency.

● Western Union

Western Union is a fast, cheap, and easy-to-operate payment method. However, the WU charges go high when you pay in Chinese currency.



What Is the Manufacturing Process Of Sustainable Shoe?

The manufacturing process of sustainable shoes includes the following steps.

Step 1: Sustainable Shoe Design

In the first step of the manufacturing process, designers do competitive market research to understand the trends and gaps.

This way, they come up with desirable designs for the customers. They sketch and refine the shoe model and design using sketchbooks or software.

Step 2: Shoe Last Making

For manufacturing an excellent and sustainable shoe, manufacturers must make shoes last with care which, in the latter stage, acts as a model for shoe production.

Step 3: Stamping

In the further step, different shoe parts are stamped. Here manufacturers thin the little edges of each shoe piece to make attachments easy in later stages.

Step 4: Sewing

In this sewing process, manufacturers stitch the cut and marked pieces together. They also glue the edges of leather to minimize resistance when stitching.

After that, manufacturers reinforce the completed shaft by fitting the toe cap and counter.

Step 6: Assembly and Finish

In the final step, the rest of the shoe parts are joined correctly. Here the heel and outsole are properly rubbed to make the shoe more sustainable. Afterward, the shoe goes through its final touch.


Final Words,

Buying sustainable shoes from Chinese sustainable shoe manufacturers is profitable for businesses because it reduces their carbon footprint and helps them save money.

Sustainable manufacturing is a process where the materials used are renewable and recyclable, as well as being manufactured in an environmentally-friendly way. The materials used to make shoes are typically leather, rubber, and plastic. Leather and rubber are renewable resources that can be grown or harvested sustainably; however, when they are made into shoes, they become non-renewable waste products. Plastic, on the other hand, cannot be regenerated but can be recycled back into new products.

The good news is that plenty of companies manufacture their products in a sustainable way (and often with recycled materials) and sell them online directly to consumers like us at

We take pride in our ethical sourcing practices and strive to make sure we use only sustainable materials when making our shoes available online.

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