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HYD SHOES is honored as a brilliant designer shoes supplier & manufacturer in China,we based in Guangzhou City which is easier to handle any shipping from any place of China . We have been listed for many years as the topmost designer shoes supplier and exporter .

Designer Shoes Supplier in China
  • More than 500 Designs are Avaiable to Ship
  • Support Door to Door Shipping
Designer Shoes Supplier in China
  • Wholesale Designer Shoes
  • Desinger Shoes for Both Men and Women
Designer Shoes Supplier in China
  • Casual Designe Shoes For Your Business
  • 2021 New Fahion Brand Designer Shoes
Designer Shoes Supplier in China
  • Designer Trainers Wholesale
  • Wholesale Designer Shoes Fashion
Designer Shoes Supplier in China
  • You Can Place with  Low MOQ
  • You Can Place with  Accept Mixed Order
Designer Shoes Supplier in China
  • OEM Casual Flat Designer Shoes
  • PU Athletic Designer Shoes Sneaker

HYD SHOES - Your Leading Designer Shoes Supplier

As an experienced designer shoes supplier ,HYD SHOES will suggest you hotsellers designer shoes for your market if you are new importers ,and we can also do some changes or add colors base on materials and outsoles ,and etc .


we are able to offer designer shoes that suits your requirements best ,if you have some drawing ,crafts ,protos ,or samples or just an idea or sketches ,our designers will handle the rest until it’s completed ,that’s a big support for all our customers .Every week we will supply you new arrival designer shoes with reliable quality and quick delivery .

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The Ultimate FAQs Guide Helps You Find A Reliable Designer Shoes Supplier :


Do you want to find the best designer shoes supplier? Are you interested in buying from a reputable seller at a reasonable price?

To that end, this FAQ guide will help you get all the information about getting wholesale designer shoes at low prices and tips from genuine suppliers in China.

Let’s get started.

Where Can You Buy Wholesale Designer Shoes at Low Price?

You can buy wholesale designer shoes at a low price from various sellers. Some of the ways of buying shoes at low rates are briefly described as follows:

  1. Buy from the Right Designer Shoes Supplier

If you want to purchase wholesale designer shoes at cheap rates, you can buy them from various wholesalers online as it is a convenient way to control the product quality delivered to the customers.

Moreover, many wholesale designers’ shoes in China are sold though they have some minimum order requirements.

However, if you are willing to check the quality of the shoes before buying in bulk, you can ask them for a sample pair of shoes and then place an order.

  1. Contact Direct A Reliable Designer Shoes Supplier

You can contact the direct designer shoes suppliers in China if you are looking for wholesale designer shoes at low prices.

Buying from a direct designer shoes suppliers gives you better rates, low risk, and good deals, and you can develop a better business relationship with the supplier.

  1. Buy Shoes from Liquidation

Another option for low-cost wholesale designers’ shoes is from pallets. Technically, pallets contain many shoes filled in 6 feet-high boxes.

Moreover, this is the cheapest method of buying wholesale designer shoes in bulk.

wholesale designer shoe at low price (1)

Figure 1: Wholesale Designer Shoe at Low Price

Is China the Best Market for Wholesale Designer Shoes?

Yes, China is the best market for wholesale designer shoes worldwide for offering a large variety of shoes at reasonable rates.

Moreover, the wholesale shoe market in China is massive and can accommodate the demands of many consumers’ different tastes.

Subsequently, the entire Chinese footwear generates the most significant revenue globally, and the numbers are increasing with a huge difference every year.

Furthermore, another reason China is a large footwear market is that it offers a vast range of footwear.

Whether you need expensive or cheap footwear, original or fake, formal or informal, China’s wholesale shoe market has covered them all.

wholesale designer shoe from china (1)

Figure 2: Wholesale Designer Shoe from China

What Different Types of Shoes Can Be Imported from China Designer Shoes Supplier?

You can import different types of wholesale designer shoes from China depending on your requirements and the demands of your target market.

Moreover, the Chinese wholesale shoe market offers a variety of quality and sizes to fit all consumers’ needs.

If your target market is looking for particular shoe types, you can contact various designer shoes supplier in China and ask them about them.

Regardless of gender, whether you are looking for male, female, or kids’ footwear, China’s wholesale shoe market is covered with various options.

Here is the list of wholesale designers’ footwear offered by the Chinese market:

Different types of wholesale designer shoes from china (1)

Figure 3: Different Types of Wholesale Designer Shoes

Can I Get Customized From Designer Shoes Supplier From China?

You can get customized designer shoes from China from trusted and reliable designer shoes suppliers.

People search for customized sizes and designs for a better fit and comfortable material.

Additionally, customized wholesale designer shoes are also preferred by people due to their durability and reliability.

Many trusted designer shoes suppliers in China offer customized shoes, including HYD SHOES.

We have more than 12 years of working experience in the shoe manufacturing industry and understand what it takes to satisfy consumer needs.

Moreover, we manufacture customized shoes according to your requirements; you only have to contact our representatives and brief us about your desired footwear, and we will deliver it to your place.

Subsequently, we deliver samples before mass production to ensure our clients get what they ask.

We work for importers, dealers, brands, wholesalers, distributors, brokers, chain stores, soluctioners, department stores, and traders to fulfill their demands for customized shoes.

While working with us, you can choose from a wide range of styles and designs as we produce more than 1000 new shoe designs each month.

All the footwear manufactured at our banner is made with high-quality material and at competitive rates than others.

Customized Wholesale Designer Shoe (1)

Figure 4: Customized Wholesale Designer Shoe

What is the MOQ of China Designer Shoes Suppliers?

The MOQ of  designer shoes suppliers varies depending on the company policy and restrictions.

Typically, the MOQ is the minimum order quantity to ensure wholesale designer shoe mass production.

Generally, the Chinese designer shoes supplier have a policy of MOQ ranging from 1000 shoe pairs to 2000 shoe pairs.

This range is between 2000 and 3000 shoe pairs for branded wholesale shoe wear, depending on the company’s policy.

Furthermore, minimum order quality depends on the shoe’s colors, models, and material.

For the various shoe colors, the minimum order quantity ranges from 500 pairs to 1000 pairs.

The MOQ also applies for the shoe sizes and the number of pairs ordered for different shoe sizes; the MOQ range is about 250 shoe pairs to 500 shoe pairs.

Therefore, many small and new business owners choose to buy from traders offering low MOQs as it can be beneficial for testing the target market.

MOQ wholesale designer shoes (1)

Figure 5: MOQ Wholesale Designer Shoes

What is the Quality of Designer Shoes Supplier Provide?

The quality of designer shoes supplier from China varies as plenty of companies manufacture wholesale designer shoes at different rates.

If you want to analyze the quality of the wholesale designer shoes in China, you must look into the following aspects:

  1. Quality Assurance Certificates

All the designer shoes suppliers in China are bound to qualify for the China’s certification schemes.

For all the manufacturers, it is essential to have the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) and China Quality Certification (CQC) to produce the products globally.

  1. Wholesale Designer Shoe Reviews

The critical factor for evaluating the quality of the wholesale designer shoes in China is to analyze the reviews of their previous clients.

Examine what their previous customers have to say about the quality of their products and how durable they were.

  1. Are Shoes Adjustable?

Determine whether tshoes from Chinese designer shoes supplier are adjustable or not.

For example, do they offer laces and straps for adjusting the fitting depending on an individual’s requirements?

  1. Is There Enough Space?

Good quality footwear offers enough room to make a foot comfortable and stable.

Any Chinese footwear manufacturer offering shoes with 1cm expansion in any direction while walking are reliable and good quality shoes.

Wholesale designer shoe quality (1)

Figure 6: Wholesale Designer Shoe Quality

How to Place an Order to China Designer Shoes Supplier?

To place an order for designer shoes supplier, you can follow these simple steps to ensure you get the right products.

Step 1: Search for the Reliable and TrustedDesigner Shoes Supplier

To get the best and top-notch quality wholesale designer footwear, it is necessary to contact a trusted shoe manufacturer like HYD SHOES.

Step 2: Visit Their Website

Before placing an order, you must have a complete idea about our product range and how you can make the most of it.

Step 3: Talk to Their Representative

Once you have made a decision, discuss it with their representative and explain your requirements and quantity of order.

Step 4: Get an Instant Quote

Our representative will give you an instant quote based on your requirements, including the manufacturing charges, delivery charges, and days required to deliver your order.

Step 5: Fill Out an Online Form

Alternatively, you can also fill out the online form on their website, stating the details of your order, and our team members will get back to you soon.

Step 6: Make a Deal!

After finalizing all the details about quantity, prices, mode of payment, and delivery days, make a deal, and your order will be delivered to your doorstep.

wholesale shoe manufacturer place an order (1)

Figure 7: Wholesale Designer Shoe Place an Order

How to Choose the Right Designer Shoes Suplier?

To choose the right designer shoes supplier, it is essential to consider some primary factors:

  1. Look at the Testimonials

One of the significant factors determining whether the designer shoes supplier is good is to search about what their former clients have to say about them.

Talk to them personally (if possible) about their experience, like whether the order was on time, the quality were they happy with the services, etc.

Moreover, you can look on various authentic websites to know about the manufacturer or ask from online portals to find genuine reviews.

  1. Arrange Online Meetings and Several Physical Visits

We reside in a digital era where online meetings and conference calls are becoming the norm.

Alternatively, you can make several physical visits to the company whenever possible, as it will help you decide if you find the owner’s character shady.

Generally, company owners allow a visit to the site before locking the deal as a buyer owns a right to be completely satisfied with where they are investing their money.

Significantly, it would help if you visited the production area and speed of production to analyze whether they can produce the desired quantity of an order or not.

However, the physical meeting also matters so that you may visit the company and meet its representative to judge their body language and confidence.

  1. Quality of Shoe Material Used

Before making your decision, ask the manufacturer for the material they will use for the shoe manufacturing.

Determine whether or not the quality they are using is good. Sometimes, manufacturers lower the price but also decrease the materials’ quality.

  1. Size Accuracy

Another critical factor is to examine whether the manufacturer is making suitable shoe sizes for you or not.

For instance, USA 7 and UK 7 are not the exact sizes, which can create a problem for you if not considered before the mass production.

  1. Final Look of the Shoes

Getting the sample product before placing an order for bulk is advisable to determine whether the shoes’ final appearance is appealing.

Firstly, are they the same as your requirements and whether the finished look is neat or untidy?

  1. Production Capacity

To know whether the supplier can make an order in bulk is to look at their production capacity.

Look at their previous records of how many order quantities they have handled and their capacity per order.

  1. Shipment Time

Lastly, analyze whether they can deliver on time or not.

The manufacturer can only deliver the order on time with proper production capacity, employees, and management.

how to choose the right shoe manufacturer (1)

Figure 8: How to Choose the Right Shoe Manufacturer

Can I Import Wholesale Designer Shoes from China to the US?

To import wholesale designer shoes from China to the US, usually, the sea route is followed.

Technically, a cargo ship travels from China to the United States through the Pacific route, also known as Pacific Lane.

Moreover, the ships travel south of the East China Sea, towards the north of the Japan Sea, and enter the North Pacific Ocean.

Subsequently, the entire process of shipment from China to the US takes approximately 15 to 25 days.

wholesale shoe shipment from china to US (1)

Figure 9: Importing Wholesale Shoes from China to the US

Can I Check a Sample Before Placing a Bulk Order?

Get a Sample Before a Bulk Order

Yes, you can check before placing a bulk order.

Many companies offer to send free samples before placing a bulk order as it lets both parties understand each other’s demands better.

Here is how you can order a sample and place bulk order to your designer shoes supplier:

Step 1:

Shortlist the designer shoes supplier you wish to work with in the future and send each supplier the details about your requirements.

Step 2:

The designer shoes supplier will send the samples to your address, and you can analyze the product quality and material.

Step 3:

Once you and the designer shoes supplie have agreed on the other terms, finalize your deal.

wholesale shoe sample (1)

Figure 10: Wholesale Shoe Sample


Our designer shoes are selling well because of our selected materials ,good workmanship,great design and various models options ,fast shipping ,friendly pre-sale and after-sale services ,our designer shoes have won much favors from customers fro worldwide .Some big brands designers also work with us for their designer shoes ,because of low manufacturing costs and qualified workmanship .HYD SHOES supports your designer shoes business in different ways .


In HYD SHOES ,designer shoes are the highest level shoes we provide to you ,we are strong at designing ,we have an excellent designer teams for the shoes ,we do much research and we improve based on available material ,we are willing and pleased to help you to test and challenge the new markets .


HYD SHOES team as a united designer shoes supplier ,every one in our team is personally included in the production process to assure that everything is properly done.As you will experience ,from a designer shoes development and its production to in-line inspection and the shipment , we will have specified team or members to take care of everything to make sure your designer shoes outsourcing is going smoothly.


Please contact HYD SHOES for your designer shoes outsourcing now ,thank you !


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