How To Buy Shoes From China

Are you thinking of going into shoes business in your country?

Are you thinking to buy shoes from China ?

If yes, have you thought about how and where to find your first shoes manufacturers or suppliers?

HYD SHOES as a professional shoes manufacturer and supplier with more than ten years of experience highly recommend you to buy shoes from China if you decide to start a shoes business.

Are you ready, let’s start our discussion.


Why Recommend You to Buy Shoes From China?

Although China is a developing country, it has a long history in shoes manufacturing even import and export shoes in the world.

Chinese shoes manufacturing is famous all over the world. In fact, customers can buy different styles of shoes made in China everywhere.

But why do so many shoes buyers prefer to buy shoes from china?

As HYD SHOES opinion, low cost, high quality, adequate and stable of shoes supply and variety of shoes are the reasons that attract shoes buyers to buy shoes from china.

Figure 1: Shoes manufacturing in Chinese factory

  • Lower Cost

As is known to all, China is a populous country in the world which with a population of more than 1.4 billion, about one-fifth of the world’s total population.

That is meaning China has abundant manpower to produce shoes. And the wages for the worker are not high in China, that can be explained the cost of the shoes factory is reduced accordingly.

We knew that the wage of worker in America, Europe and other developed countries are much  higher than those workers in China. This also indicate that the price of shoes made in China are much lower than those made in most countries.

In addition, China is rich in raw materials, so that the Chines shoes factory can buy shoes material at a relatively low prices.

Thus, the overseas shoes buyer can buy shoes from china at a relatively lower price and can sell shoes at a high price in their country, in that way, their profit will be significant.

  • Will Get Higher Quality

If I am a customer, I am more inclined to buy a pair of shoes with high quality.

Shoes with high quality mean that the shoemaker is skilled and the shoes’ factory make shoes out of good materials. HYD SHOES believes that shoes with high quality are more durable, more comfortable and more popular.

According to research, many of famous and popular brand shoes such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Vans, etc, have OEM in China.

But do you know why these famous brand shoes companies would prefer to find OEM in China?  HYD SHOES believes that it is not only because of the low cost of shoes made in China, but also because of the high quality of shoes manufactured by Chinese shoes factories.

If you want to import shoes with excellent quality, it is your priority to buy shoes from china.

Shoes with high quality

Figure 2: Shoes with high quality

  • Adequate and Stable of Shoes Supply

There are many shoes factories in China, which with sufficient labor and raw materials to ensure adequate supply of shoes.

In 2020, shoes factories in China were shut-down for several months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at this circumstance, the import and export of shoes also suffered a great impact, and the business had to be suspended.

Fortunately, as the Chinese government quickly controlled the epidemic, shoes factories across China have gradually resumed production since April 2020. Accordingly, the import and export of Chinese shoes also began to recover slowly, ensuring the stability of shoes supply.

According to statistics, China’s total footwear exports increased by 35% year-on-year in 2021.

As far as we know, due to effected by COVID-19, many shoes’ factories in many places such as India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and so on have stopped producing shoes for different reasons such as lack of labor and raw materials.

Do you know why the production of shoes in China is adequate and stable?

One of the important reason is that the Chinese people are very hardworking. Once the shoes factory received an order, the worker of shoes factory will complete the shoes order on time no matter what, even work overtime to make sure the shoes can be delivered smoothly as soon as possible.

So it’s really wise to buy shoes form China rather than buy from other countries .

  • Wider Ranges Catalogs

There are many shoe factories in China that are specialize in making a wide variety of styles shoes  for shoes buyers to purchase.

The shoes made in China are not limited to one style one color. The designer will according to the market demand to design different color and size of shoes for customers to choose.

If you have any ideas about the design of shoes, our designers will listen and redesign according to your ideas in order to meet your requirements.

What’s more, if you want your company’s logo printed on the shoes, the shoes factories in China will satisfy you.

So if you buy from China ,you will get more variety of shoes .

Variety of shoes

Figure 3: Variety of shoes

It follows then that no matter you want to import shoes with low price, or with excellent quality or variety style of shoes, shoes manufacturers or suppliers in China always can meet you needs.

What type of shoes can you buy from China?

China is the largest shoes exporter in the world. Many of shoes buyers in the world will buy shoes from china. Take HYD SHOES for example, we export shoes to India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, etc.

The overseas shoes buyers can get a lot of different types of shoes from China. Such as sport shoes, sneaker,athletic shoes , trainers,running shoes, basketball shoes, soccer shoes, golf shoes, tennis shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, slippers, high heels ,Dance Shoes ,school-shoes,custom-sneaker,orthebetic shoes ,diabetic shoes etc.

Sport shoes, sneaker, running shoes, these shoes are often preferred by people who enjoy fitness and exercise. There have many kinds of styles, colors and materials that for you to choose now.

 A variety of sport shoes of HYD SHOES

Figure 4: A variety of sport shoes of HYD SHOES

Basketball shoes, soccer shoes, golf shoes, tennis shoes, these shoes are designed for the person who play basketball, soccer, golf and tennis. It is necessary to select the corresponding type of shoes according to different sport, so as to better protect the athlete’s feet.

Casual shoes, more and more people in order to wear comfortable, they prefer to select casual shoes.

 A variety of Baketball shoes of HYD SHOES

Figure 5: A variety of Baketball shoes of HYD SHOES

Dress shoes,  high heels ,, these shoes are more designed for office workers and suitable for formal occasions. In fact, even if it is not a formal occasion, many beauty-loving women love to wear high heels in their daily life.

There are many ladies who believe that wearing high heels can make them more confident and the body looks more beautiful.

 Types Of High Heels

Figure 6: Types Of High Heels

Slippers, everyone has at least one pair of slippers . Take me for example, I like to change my slippers once I am at home because I fee more relaxed and comfortable when I am wearing slippers .

And it’s already summer now, slippers are our good companions in summer. slippers are suitable for many occasions in our daily life. Our feet would feel comfortable, convenient and cool when wearing slippers.

Comfortable slippers

Figure 7: Comfortable slippers

Whether it’s men shoes, women shoes, children shoes or custom Shoes, you can find them in China and start to buy shoes from China .

What Do You Prepare Beforeyou Decide To Buy Shoes From China ?

After serious consideration, you decide to start your shoes business and buy shoes from china. Before you start acting, you need to do some preparation.

First, you need to consider what kinds of shoes you want to import from China. This time, you need to investigate what styles of shoes suit to your local market and what kinds of shoes will be more popular.

Second, your need to investigate information for Chinese shoes factories and suppliers. Only if you know more about them, can it be helpful to you to find the right shoes factory and supplier in China.

Third, you need to make a plan of how much you’re going to spend on buy shoes from China and how much the profit you expected . This plan can help you to know what price of shoes you can purchase and negotiate from the Chinese shoes factory or supplier and how many pairs of shoes you can order.

The last, you need to think about your marketing strategy in advance after you buy shoes from china. If you do not have a sales plan in advance, you will hard to start the sales of shoes at the first time once you receive the shoes which imported from China.

If that, it will greatly slow down your sales progress of the shoes business and even effect the profit.

How To Find A Right Shoes Supplier in China ?

You have done for your preliminary work for buy shoes from China, now you are on your way to finding the right shoes supplier from China.

  • Find Reliable Shoes Suppliers

With the development of The Times, there are many channels can find shoes suppliers from China nowadays. HYD SHOES will advise several channels for your reference.

  • B2B Platform

If you are buying shoes from China for the first time, and you have no idea about shoes factories and suppliers from China. You can try to search Chinese shoes factories and suppliers toward B2B platforms, such as Alibaba, Chinabrands, Dhgate, Made-in-China, AliExpress, Globalsources, Amazon and so on.

Most of China’s shoes factories and suppliers will upload their shoes to B2B platform so that the shoes buyers can find them easily.

Take HYD SHOES for example, we will update our shoes product weekly on the B2B platforms. Overseas shoes buyers can clearly check our different types of shoes from B2B platforms.

HYD SHOES on Alibaba

Figure 8 HYD SHOES on Alibaba

I will share some B2B platforms website to you so that you can enter to these platforms directly and easily.








  • Google

If you know the name of shoes factories or suppliers from China, you can search their information through the search engine like Google. Or you can search with keyword through the search engine.

For example, if you know the name of HYD SHOES, but you have no idea of its detail, and you can search for the information of HYD SHOES on search engines such as Google or Yahoo or others.


Find HYD SHOES through search engine

Figure 9: Find HYD SHOES through search engine

  • Through Social Media

Do you know with the rapid development of technology, many social media have been derived, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp, WeChat and so on.

These media have infiltrated into our daily life and cannot get away from them. Of course, these social media also bring lots of convenience.

For example, two parties who do not know each other can communicate and make deal through these social media.

In addition, more and more shoes sellers in China will post videos or pictures to some social media such as Facebook, Tik Tok, Youtube about theirs shoes products so that more shoes buyers can watch and contact shoes sellers to get more information about shoes in order to close the deal.

  • Through the Fair

As far as HYD SHOES knows, Shoe Fair would be held in China or overseas almost every year before the outbreak of COVID-19, and the shoes buyer or sellers from China or overseas were invited to attend.

In the fair, you can get in touch with different shoes sellers from China both shoes manufacturers and suppliers and you can communicate with them face to face. This is a good opportunity and pathway to get to know the shoes seller and their category of shoes most directly.

But now due to the COVID-19 epidemic, all shoe exhibitions have been suspended. This channel to find shoes supplier and factories cannot be achieved for the time being, but you can try this way when the Shoe Fair is resumed.

Find shoes factories and suppliers from China through Shoe Fair

Figure 10: Find shoes factories and suppliers from China through Shoe Fair

  • Through Referrals

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, it is difficult for you to get touch with shoes factories and suppliers from China face to face. Under this circumstance, you can ask someone who are doing shoes business to recommend shoes factories and suppliers from China to you.

Or you can find an agent to recommend you some good shoes factories or suppliers from China. And you try to contact them, they will also help you to buy shoes from China .

  • What kindsof shoes factories and suppliers from China should you look for?

You had known you can find shoes factories and supplier from China through some channels, but do you know what kinds of shoes factories and suppliers you should be looking for to help to grow up your shoes business?

  • Select Reliable Shoes Factory or Supplier

In HYD SHOES opinion, it is the most important to find a reliable shoe factory and supplier from China. Otherwise, so that you won’t be afraid not receiving the shoes after payment or afraid about the quality of the shoes, etc.

Moreover, we believe that a reliable shoes factory or supplier will guarantee the quality of shoes and service.

  • Find the shoes factory or supplier have strong production capacity

A shoes factory or supplier with strong capacity means that the shoes buyer does not have to worry about the problem of shoes will out of stock.

Once you start your shoes business, the first thing is you need to make sure you have sufficient supply of shoes so that when a particular shoe is sold out, the shoe factory or supplier from China has enough capacity to ship it to you quickly.

Shoes factory with strong production capacity

Figure 11: Shoes factory with strong production capacity

  • Find a Shoes Supplier With Competitive Price

There are too many shoes factories and suppliers in China, and all of their shoes prices are uneven, so you have to find a shoes factory and supplier with competitive price among these shoes factories and suppliers.

Only if you buy shoes from china with a competitive price, the shoes you’re selling have an advantage in your local market.

Of course, when you buy shoes from china at a relative low price, and sell them at a suitable price, then you can maximize your profits.

  • Get A Reputable Shoes Factory and Supplier

Reputation is probably one of the most important assets for a company. In HYD SHOES view, a shoes factory and supplier with a good reputation can let them get more business partners.

A shoes factory and supplier with good reputation comes from the recognition of its cooperation partners. But why these partners praise this shoes factory or supplier?

I believe it must be because this shoes factory or supplier is doing so well in many aspects, such as shoes with excellent quality, timely delivery, competitive prices, skilled business and so on.

Therefore, you should find a shoes factory and supplier from China with good reputation, if you have no idea about the reputation of this shoes factory or supplier, you can check the evaluation of its partners through its official website or search its information through search engine.

  • Supplier With Good Customer Service

A company with good customer service and skilled business are conducive to the development of long-term cooperative in the future.

Cooperation is not only finish one transaction. If you want to keep developing shoes business, HYD SHOES strongly suggest that you must have a long-term cooperation with at least one shoes factory or supplier from China, so as to ensure the stability of your shoes inventory.

However, the shoes factory or supplier that can establish a long-term cooperative relationship should have good customer and skilled business level.

 reliable Customer Service

Figure 12:Customer Service

In the end, no matter you will choose which shoes factory or supplier as your business partner, you can ask then to send you shoes sample before you decide to make an order.

If you think you haven’t established a good relationship with shoes factory or supplier from China or you still not trust them, HYD SHOES suggests that you can place a small order with the shoes factory or supplier from China for your first shoes business.

What is the MOQ If Buy Shoes from China?

What is MOQ? MOQ is short for Minimum Order Quantity.

If you are the first time for importing shoes from China, you should know the MOQ for the shoes factory or supplier from China in advance because you may place a small order first to test the reaction of your local market and whether this shoes factory or supplier from China is worth of long-term cooperation.

Take HYD SHOES for example, the normally MOQ is 100-120 pairs of shoes, but it will according the type, sizes and colors of the shoes.

How to Pay If Buy Shoes from China?

After you place an order with shoes supplier, it time for you to think about how to pay for shoe buy from China.

Here, HYD SHOES offers you some common payment methods for your reference.

  • Pay by a letter of credit

L/C is the short for Letter of credit. This payment method is guaranteed by a bank. It can be said that pay by L/C is the safest form of payment.

But the process of payment by L/C is complicated. For the specific process, you can refer to my last blog about payment.

If you’re not paying for a large amount, HYD SHOES don’t suggest you to pay by L/C due to the bank handling fee will relatively higher than the other method of payment.

  • Pay by Telegraphic Transfer is also ok

T/T is short for Telegraphic transfer. This is the most common method of payment in the international trade.

For the shoes supplier in China, it is the safest method of payment if you pay by T/T, and they are willing to accept this payment method even if it may need 2-3 days to receive the payment.

Perhaps you will be worried about not receiving your shoes after paying by T/T due to you need to transfer to the shoe supplier in China in advance.

In fact, we don’t think you need to worry too much because most of Chinese shoes factories and suppliers are reliable. They will deliver shoes to you on time according to the trade contract.

Take HYD SHOES for example, we accept 30% as deposit once you place an order and collect the balance before shipment. In addition, we will immediately arrange the production of shoes and deliver them on time after receiving the payment.

  • Pay with PayPal

PayPal is one of convenient method of payment in foreign trade, shoes buyer can pay to the shoes seller through the PayPal website or app directly.

The shoes factory or supplier in China can receive payment only if the shoes buyer confirms receipt of the shoes. PayPal protects the rights and interest of shoes buyers, that is why the shoes buyer more likely to pay with PayPal.

However, you should be noted that PayPal requires high handling fee for the large payments. You can pay with PayPal for a small order or sample fee.

The website address of PayPal is

  • Pay through Western Union

Western Union is another convenient method of payment in the international trade. We think it’s similar as T/T, because it also protects the rights of shoes sellers.

The shoes buyer can transfer payments through Western Union website directly, and the shoes seller from China can receive the payment within about 10 minutes.

The shoes factory and supplier from China will arrange shoes production and shipment once confirm receipt of the payment.

The website address of Western Union is

In practice, there are not only these forms of payment methods in the international trade, but also have other payment options, such as cash, D/A, D/P, MoneyGram, Payoneer, Airwallex, Escrow Service and so on .

For HYD SHOES, we can accept a variety of payment methods, which it depends on you. Or we can communicate with each other to decide which payment method is beneficial to both of us.


Figure 13 Payment Method

Payment MethodHow to Do Shipping If Buy Shoes From China ?

Next, you need to consider how to ship shoes to your country when you buy shoes from china.

There are several modes of shipping for you to choose to buy shoes from china.

  • by sea

Sea transportation is the most common mode of transportation in the international trade. About 90% of China shoes export are shipped by sea.

The carrying capacity of Ocean transportation is large, the freight is low, the channel distribution is wide. Almost all countries can accept transport shoes by sea. But the speed of sea transportation is relatively slow.

If you’re not importing urgent shoes, HYD SHOES strongly suggest you to ship shoes by sea.

  •  by air

Air transportation is an indispensable mode of transport in international trade

During the actual operation, it is rare to buy shoes from china by air due to even though air transportation is fast, safe and greatly shortens the delivery time, it is relatively expensive and greatly increases the cost and the carrying capacity of airplane is small.

However, if you need to buy shoes from china urgently, Air transportation is your best choice.

  • by railway

The speed of railway transportation is faster than that of sea transportation, and the transportation cost is lower than that of air transportation.

Rail transport is the second most commonly used mode of transportation for shoes imported from China, after sea transport.

The carrying capacity of railway transportation is less traffic than ocean transportation, but it is faster and more punctual than ocean transportation.

The route of railway transportation is less than sea transportation, not all countries support the import of shoes from China by rail. But the freight of rail transport is lower than sea transportation.

  •  by road

Road transportation is one of an indispensable and important mode of transportation in the international transportation of foreign trade.

Road transportation is suitable for short-distance transport and its carrying capacity is small, and the freight rate is higher than by sea and rail.

Therefore, in the actual transportation of shoes imported from China, shipping by road is almost not be selected, but road transportation can cooperate with ships, trains, airplanes and other transportation tools to complete the whole process of transportation.

It is impossible for you to complete the whole process of transportation by yourself, you can find your cargo agency or you can entrust HYD SHOES to handle the transportation.

HYD SHOE will follow your requirement to arrange the mode of transportation so that you can buy shoes from china smoothly.

Figure 14 Mode of shipping


What Should You Do When Buy Shoes From China ?

After a series of operations and waiting, you finally received the shoes imported from China. This time, you need to immediately inspect whether the shoes are manufactured according to your requirements, whether the shoes order is matched, whether the shoes are intact, etc.

If there is a mismatch, you need to contact the shoes supplier in China immediately to negotiate.

Next, you should arrange to sell the shoes which imported from China.

HYD SHOES wish you success in your shoes business!

 Success in selling shoes

Figure 15: Success in selling shoes


We do really hope if will help you out on buy shoes from China .

HYD SHOES keep posting more and more articles to share more knowledges for shoes business .

Please messge us if you have any questions .

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