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Are you looking for reliable footwear suppliers in China to start your footwear business?

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After comprehensive research, we have added some commonly asked questions about the suppliers in China in the guide below.

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What Do You Need To Consider When Looking For A Footwear Supplier in China ?

You need to consider the following points before importing from Chinese suppliers:

  • You should have a profound idea of your import rights according to the state you want to import from China.
  • Make sure about the types of footwear that you want
  • Check the import permit for the products which you are thinking to import
  • Classify your orders in different categories and calculate the landed cost
  • Get a profound idea about the customs clearance of the goods you are thinking to import from China
  • Find the best supplier in China
  • Finalize your deals and provide necessary details for shipping of your order

Importing Footwear From A Chinese Supplier

Figure 1: Importing Footwear From A Chinese Supplier

Which Is The Most Suitable Procedure in Importing Footwear From China?

No doubt, the suppliers in China offer a wide range of methods for shipping goods around the globe. But, sea shipping seems like the most appropriate method to go with.

Sea shipping offers safe transport to almost all types of footwear.

However, sea shipping is a slow process. It takes around 35-40 days to ship your order from China to different states of the world.

You can choose this method because it is reliable and because of its reasonability. You don’t have to spend more money choosing sea shipping as the method of importing footwear from China.

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Figure 2: Suitable Procedure For Importing Footwear From China Suppliers

What Types Of Products Are Available With Chinese Footwear Suppliers?

Following types of footwear are available with Chinese suppliers at budget-friendly prices:

All above of these catalog are available on Chinese platforms. You can contact them to get your desired pair of footwear.

Importing Footwear From A Chinese Supplier

Figure 3: Types Of Footwear Available With Chinese Suppliers

Is There An Import Duty If Import Footwear From China ?

Yes, Chinese footwear suppliers implement import duty on the footwear. Every country holds some tariffs on the goods imported to different states of the world.

Similarly, China puts a 35% import duty on all types of footwear imported around the world.

However, the extent of the import duty varies according to the nature of the footwear and the type of materials used in its manufacturing.

Many chemicals used in footwear manufacturing have an import duty of about 8.2%. That is why Chinese suppliers have raised the import duty to about 35%.

Other than this, the demands for footwear from Chinese footwear suppliers haven’t decreased a bit regardless of the import duties.


What Is The Paperwork Requirement Necessary For My Importing?

Following paperwork requirement is necessary for importing from Chinese footwear suppliers:

● Insurance Certificate

It will save you from any damage to your package during its delivery.

  • Inspection Certificate

You’ll need this paperwork to inspect the products that you order. It helps in maintaining the standard quality of variety of footwear.

  • Certificate of Origin

It is required to show that the manufacturer has imported the footwear to your address.

● Packing List

This paperwork is required to show the number of shoes or footwear you are ordering from the Chinese suppliers.

● Commercial Invoice

This paperwork is the proof of sale for what you are ordering from the Chinese suppliers. It contains the price, the name of the product, and the quantity of the footwear.

● Pro Forma Invoice

This paperwork is also known as a trade document used to describe the purchased products and their costs.

You’ll need all these documents for importing the footwear from Chinese suppliers.

How Is The Buyer Will be Protected While Importing Footwear From China?

The buyer is protected while importing the footwear from Chinese suppliers with the help of U.S. customs and border protection or CBP.

This protection agreement protects the sellers and protects the buyers from scams.

It ensures everything about the delivery of products from Chinese suppliers.

It is also used to ensure the safe shipping of footwear from Chinese suppliers. Other than this, it guarantees a money-back policy if you receive any defective product.

How Long Does It Take To Ship Imported Products ?

It takes about 1-35 days to ship imported from Chinese footwear suppliers.

Besides the shipping method, the duration also depends on the final destination.

It also depends on the appropriate shipping method you have chosen.

If you’re importing footwear from China to the U.S., it will take around 1-15 days through the express freight system.

The regular post will take around 1-2 weeks to deliver footwear from China, whereas the air freight system will take only three days to deliver your package.

Importing Footwear From A Chinese Supplier

Figure 5: Ship Imported Footwear From China Supplier

How Do I Determine The Most Favorable Shipping Company From China?

You can determine the most profitable shipping company from China by checking the following points:

  • The employees of the shipping company must have a particular foreign language foundation.
  • You should be aware of all the shipping policies of the company
  • The shipping company must clear out all the business advantages
  • They must have a variety of shipping methods
  • Your shipping company must hold a legal registration in the state
  • It should provide a local service near the port of departure

You can count on Hydshoes to get the highest quality of footwear with the best shipping method.

Is It Advisable To Use A Sourcing Agent ?

Yes, it is advisable to use a sourcing agent to import footwear from China. It is suitable only when you import something from China for the first time.

The customers can’t find reliable sourcing suppliers in China. But, a sourcing agent can help you find a supplier and assist you with shipping the ordered products.

In addition to this, the sourcing agents have profound experience in sourcing common footwear products from China.

What Do I Look For In A Footwear Supplier?

Make sure to notice the following things in a supplier:

  • They should maintain the footwear quality with premium level raw materials
  • They should have a profound manufacturing experience
  • They should have a wide variety of footwear to offer the customers
  • A supplier must offer a demanded MOQ to the customers
  • They should provide footwear at reasonable prices

Importing Footwear From A Chinese Supplier

Figure 6: Footwear Supplier

What Are The Popular Platforms That I Can Use When Look For A Footwear Supplier From China?

You can use the following platforms when you are importing footwear from China:

  • Canton Fair

What Footwear Specifications You Need To Consider Before Ordering?

You should consider the following footwear specifications before ordering them from Chinese footwear suppliers:

  • The upper material used in its production
  • Pantone colors
  • The thickness of the insole
  • Anti-slip material
  • Outsole material
  • Insole materials
  • Size of the footwear
  • Lining material

The presence of all these quality specifications in footwear will make your money worth it.

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Figure 7: Footwear Specifications You Need To Consider

What Footwear Packaging Specifications Do You Need To Consider?

You need to consider the following packaging specifications when ordering any footwear from Chinese suppliers:

  • Print type of the package
  • Dimensions
  • Layout
  • Carton type
  • Inner paper
  • Inner bag of the packaging
  • Surface material
  • The layering of the boxes

The footwear packaging must be sturdy enough to protect the footwear during the shipping process.

Importing Footwear From A Chinese Supplier

Figure 8: Footwear Packaging Specifications

What Are Design Options Offered By Chinese Footwear Suppliers?

Following design options are offered by Chinese suppliers:

● Private Label (ODM)

This type of design model provides an opportunity to create a shoe design from scratch. You can guide the Chinese suppliers to design footwear styles by adjusting their structure.

Furthermore, it also acts as a template if your supplier lacks the design expertise.

● Custom Design From Your

Here’s another design option if you are ordering footwear from Chinese suppliers. Thus, you’ll be able to customize your footwear.

However, you’ll need to provide some documents to the suppliers. Some of these files include design files, Pantone color codes, logo files, and bills of materials.

If you want to customize ,please do talk to your supplier as detail as possible ,so they can follow it well .


Which E.U. And U.S. Footwear Regulations Do Chinese Suplier Follow?

Chinese manufacturers in China need the E.U. footwear regulations:

  • General Product Safety Directive (GPSD)

However, Chinese footwear suppliers need the following U.S. regulations to supply a variety of footwear.

  • ASTM standards
  • ASTM F-2412-2005
  • ASTM-2413-2005
  • ANSI Z41-1999
  • ANSI Z4101991

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