China Shoes Manufacturing Company VS India Shoes Manufacturing Company

China Shoes Manufacturing Company VS India Shoes Manufacturing Company: Which One Is Better?

The shoes industry is one of the most competitive industries worldwide. In this competitive market, many shoes manufacturing companies have emerged as leaders in their respective fields.

The Chinese shoes manufacturing company have made considerable strides in the last decade to lead the global shoes market by providing quality products at affordable rates.

Likewise, Indian shoes manufacturing company has also made progress in the last few years by offering high-quality products at affordable prices.

Both these 2 countries have been able to cater to the needs of their customers with a wide range of footwear options and styles. However, they have not been able to keep pace with each other when it comes to providing comprehensive information about their products or services offered by them.

This has led to many customers getting confused about which country will offer them better deals on their footwear needs and requirements.

In this article, we will compare China shoes manufacturing company and India shoes manufacturing company , which can help you make an enlightened decision about which country’s shoes manufacturers will be able to provide you with better deals on your footwear needs and requirements.

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Who Has More Experience?

The Chinese have been making shoes for thousands of years, whereas the Indians have only been making shoes for about 500 years.

Besides, China has a large number of footwear factories that have been operating for decades, making it easier for them to produce quality shoes. In contrast, most Indian shoe manufacturers are comparatively new in the market.

So, Compared to India, China has significantly higher experience and skills in the shoes manufactuing industry.

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Who Leads The Global Market?


According to the stats provided by Statista, China has been leading the global shoes manufacturing market since 2013 by producing approximately 11 billion pairs of shoes in 2020 alone. This means that China produces around 50% of all shoes sold globally.

These numbers were significantly higher in 2013, producing 14.2 billion pairs.

Astonishingly, besides manufacturing, China is also a leading exporter of footwear worldwide, achieving footwear trades of 32.16 trillion yuan or $4.6 trillion in 2020 alone.

In comparison, India is far behind but maintaining its second position by producing around 2 billion pairs annually since 2013.


Government Policies


China has also invested a lot in the shoes manufacturing industry’s development over time. For example, it was initially complicated for companies to bring their products into China due to regulations that were put in place by local governments. However, these regulations were later changed so foreign companies could enter the market without difficulty.

China also plays a significant role in international trade negotiations because it has a large population and economy compared to other countries worldwide.

In a nutshell, China shoes manufacturing company are heavily encouraged and supported by their government. They are given subsidies and incentives along with manufacturing-friendly and export-friendly policies. In contrast, Indian shoes manufacturing company have almost no support from their government, leading to manufacturing problems and high production costs.

Which Country’s Manufacturer Uses better material?


China is self-sufficient in producing raw materials needed for shoes manufacturing. In fact, they also export this material to shoes manufacturers outside of China.

China is also one of the largest raw material manufacturers in the world because it has abundant natural resources, including water and wood, which are used to produce leather and other components needed to make shoes. These resources help keep costs down while assisting manufacturers in delivering high-quality shoes at low prices.

Whereas, India is forced to import it from other countries, mainly China.

It’s evident that importing raw material from the countries will cost more than producing it locally. Therefore, China shoes manufacturing company can acquire raw materials at much lower rates than Indian suppliers.

This is where China shoes manufacturing company takes advantage of producing high-quality shoes from high-quality material at a much lower price than Indian suppliers.

As a result, India shoes manufacturing company are compelled to use inferior quality material to produce their footwear, so they cost less than China shoes.

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Who Has Better Machinery?

Apart from raw material, the machinery used to produce the shoes should be the latest and equipped with advanced technology to produce high-quality shoes.

Just like raw materials, China is also a leading manufacturer of shoe-making machines, which gives China shoes manufacturing company an advantage in getting their hands on the latest and most advanced machinery for their manufacturing. This helps them to reduce their manufacturing cost, increase their production capacity, and improve their quality.

Moreover, Chinese shoes manufacturing company have also researched and invested in automating most of their production to reduce the production time and labor, and increase the production quantity, consequently further reducing the manufacturing cost.

In contrast, Indian shoes manufacturing company are far behind in acquiring the latest technology to compete with Chinese shoes manufacturing company.


Which Country’s Supplier Has Extensive Product Variety?

Chinese shoes supplier offers a wide range of shoes, including athletic, casual, and formal shoes in all sizes for men, women, and kids. Their variety includes sneaker ( or custom sneaker ) , running shoes, basketball shoes,trainers , tennis shoes, golf shoes ,football shoes, slippers, loafers, sandals, dance shoes, school shoes ,and heels.

Besides, China is also a leading producer of orthopedic shoes and diabetic shoes, especially for diabetic patients and the ones suffering from foot-related problems like Metatarsalgia, bunions, plantar fasciitis, etc.

However, Indian shoes manufacturing company have considerably less variety.


Skilled Labor Work Force

Skilled labor is another reason by China shoes manufacturing company are leading globally. They have an ample supply of skilled labor that is specialized in manufacturing shoes that make footwear at an affordable cost to consumers.

In fact, China has more manufacturing jobs than any other country in the world—with an estimated 8 million workers making footwear every day!

The shoe manufacturing process involves many steps, including cutting, stitching, gluing, and dyeing. These processes require skilled workers with specific skills such as sewing machines or cutting tools.

China has many industries where these skills are useful and can be taught to employees without much training or experience beforehand. Employers will often train employees when they join their company to get up to speed quickly on their new tasks without any additional training time required before starting work on new jobs or projects within their department.

In contrast, India also has a large workforce population but is uneducated, untrained, and jobless. As a result, their huge potential labor is being wasted due to poverty, lack of training, and government attention. While the skilled labor available is way more expensive than in China.

In fact, China’s labor costs are about half of India’s, so it’s much cheaper to hire workers in China than it is in India.


Strict Quality Control

It’s comparatively hard to maintain the production quality when producing in bulk.

To counter this problem, China shoes manufacturers have implemented an advanced quality control system in compliance with international quality standards to ensure their shoes are of the best quality regardless of their quantity.

They have well-equipped QC labs, advanced testing machinery, and highly-skilled labor responsible for inspecting the shoes from raw material to finished product till packaging.

In contrast, only a few Indian shoe suppliers have taken proper measures to maintain the globally required quality for their shoes.

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OEM/ODM Services

China Suppliers have extensive experience working for world-renowned brands like Nike, Hush Puppies, Steve Madden, Adidas, Justin Boots, and many others.

They have upgraded their machinery, production lines, and labor to satisfy these globally famous brands. As a result, they have learned the actual recipe of these brands to create shoes that are loved by millions around the globe.

So, they are now using the same skills, techniques, and recipes to provide OEM/ODM services to their clients. This helps these clients to grow their brands and compete with these global giants in terms of quality.

In Contrast, India also has a few globally recognized footwear brands like Woodland. Still, Indian suppliers are in the phase of acquiring expertise to compete with China in the global market.

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Final Words :

After considering the abovementioned factors, we can easily deduce that China is better than India for shoes manufacturing.

The main reason behind this is the measures the Chinese Government and shoes manufacturing company took to reduce their production costs and improve their quality.

China also has an advantage in terms of infrastructure. China has a population of nearly 1 billion and is much more densely populated than India. In addition, China has a strong supply chain of factories, suppliers, and distribution centers linked together by a web of transportation routes and ports. This makes it easy for shoes manufacturing company to ship their products to consumers worldwide.

On the other hand, India does not have the same infrastructure needed to support shoes manufacturing. It is also comparatively less densely populated than China and has fewer resources for its manufacturers.

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