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HYD SHOES is your one-stop-shop solution for replica shoe needs. We offer 100+ new replica shoe designs per month for your option, 100% quality inspection to meet your standards, professional after-sale service.

Your No. 1 Replica Shoes Supplier in China

  • 10+ years designing experience and the pattern masters
  • Full inspection and testing before delivery
  • OEM & ODM are available
  • BV, TUV, SGS Approved

Sen your replica shoes requirements today. HYD SHOES will help you with the entire manufacturing process.

Air Jordan Replica Shoes
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Various colors for you to choose
  • Comfortable to wear
ASICS Replica Shoes
  • Resilient, anti-microbial
  • Breathable, comfortable shoes
  • Cost-effective replica shoes
Celine Replica Shoes
  • All sizes are available
  • Small MOQ to support your business
  • Fabulous and stylish
Converse Replica Shoes
  • Excellent designer  to create your own converse replica shoes
  • 180 days quality guarantee
  • Small MOQ and mix order are acceptable
ECCO Replica Shoes
  • We can customize the ECCO Replica Shoes
  • Sizes, colors, and designs are customizable
  • Delivery can be 3-20 days.
FILA Replica Shoes
  • Highly customizable as per request
  • Free Samples, Free Designs
  • On-time delivery
Gucci Replica Shoes
  • Comfortable, lightweight, and versatile
  • Competitive price, Fast delivery
  • 24/7 online support
  • Over 300+ new attractive shoe designs everyday
  • Strict quality control system to ensure high quality
  • Professional after-sale service
NIKE Replica shoes
  • ODM and OEM service is always welcome
  • On-time delivery for your orders
  • Qualified replica shoes manufacturer and supplier
SKECHERS Replica Shoes
  •  Stylish and fashionable
  • Lightweight walking replica shoes
  • Hotsale in foreign and domestic markets
VANS Replica Shoes
  • Full inspect materials before mass production
  • HYD – flexible replica shoe supplier
  • Widely recognized and trusted manufacturer
Yeezy Replica Shoes
  • We accept custom request
  •  Provide different logo design
  • High-quality and long-lasting performance

HYD SHOES - Your Experienced Replica Shoes Supplier

You can rely on HYD SHOES if you’re looking for the best provider of replica shoes in China. We sell and manufacture the highest quality streetwear replicas and offer them at a very affordable rate. Our extensive range of replica shoes includes work shoes, safety footwear, men’s shoes, women’s shoes from famous brands including Supreme, Off-White, Bape, NIKE, etc.

All our products are high quality and made of durable raw materials. Before shipping, we inspect every item to ensure the highest quality standards. Since our inception, we aim to deliver quality, and good service is our primary priority. HYD SHOES can always satisfy your replica shoe needs in China at any quantity and with high performance.

Whether you’re a supplier, distributor, or brand company that wants to boom your brand, don’t hesitate to call or message us directly. HYD SHOES is your one-stop-shop solution. We assure our customers worldwide will receive reliable quotations, prompt deliveries, and stable supplies. Our outstanding team of designers can develop and design replica shoes based on your specific requirements and special requests. We are the largest shoe manufacturer in China, providing replica shoes in international and domestic markets. We can develop over 1000+ designs of new shoes in a month with the latest designs and features. Contact us today!

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Replica Shoes Supplier: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Are you looking for excellent quality replica shoe suppliers from China to build your brand? We’ve got it covered!


Or you may be searching for a way to increase the mass production of replica shoes?


This FAQ guide will help walk you through the certified replica shoe suppliers and everything you need to know about high-quality replica shoes.

1. Do the Chinese Market Have Best Replica Shoes Suppliers?

Yes, the Chinese market has the best replica shoe suppliers. HYD SHOES  is one of the best replica shoes supplier in the Chinese market.


We, being the experts, have a wide range of replica designs for men, women, and kids:

 Sneaker, Casual shoesCanvas shoesRunning shoes, designer shoesSports Shoes, Athletic Shoes, Trainer shoes, Soccer shoes, Tennis shoesGolf shoesBasketball shoesFootball shoes, Dress shoes, Sandal, Loafer shoes,and etc .


Considering our quality products will leverage your sales if you want to add replica shoes to your business.


Being the most independent suppliers, we provide you with modern and trendy replica shoe designs.


Our quality concerned team has dedicated experience of over 12 years in manufacturing and exporting replica shoes.


Being the worldwide exporter of replica shoes, we have a vast supply chain management to serve thousands of customers all around the globe.


Shoe maker in workshop showing shoes
Shoe maker in workshop showing shoes


Figure 1. Best replica shoes supplier

2. What Is The Quality Of Chinese Replica Shoes Suppliers?

The quality of Chinese replica shoes depends on the suppliers you purchase.


Purchasing replica shoes from a certified supplier ensure the product’s quality and profit in your business.


Keeping some points in mind to check the quality of replica shoes is essential.

● Check The Insoles

When ordering a sample from Chinese suppliers, check the insole material of the replica shoes. The material should not be hard.


It should provide comfort and strength at the same time. Check whether the material of the insole can bear the weight of a person or not.

● Inspect The Sewing

You can check the quality of replica shoes by removing the insole to inspect the quality of stitching.


The high-quality sewing provides sufficient support to the insole and arch of the replica shoes.

● Check The Shoe Heels

Suppose the heels of replica shoes are joined with the glue. Check for any gap there. The gap can leave room for shoe damage in further use.


Manufacturers stitch high-quality replica shoes evenly from all sides. Make sure that visible glue in the shoes shows poor quality replica shoes.


Checking the quality of your replica shoes through these points can help you find the best for you.


genuine leather sneakers shoes for men's fashions
genuine leather sneakers shoes for men’s fashions


Figure 2. Quality of Chinese replica shoe supplier

3. How Are Replica Shoes Manufactured In China?

Different steps are involved in the manufacturing of replica shoes in China:

Step 1: Design Development

The first step of shoemaking is finalizing the design of replica shoes. Here 2D drawing helps to do a three-dimensional puzzle.


The 3D image further helps stitch replica shoes according to the design.

Step 2: Selecting The Raw Material

Further, the shoemaking material is selected from the inventory room. The inspectors check the quality of raw material to make a quality replica shoe.

Step 3: Cutting And Stitching

In this step, the cutting process starts once suppliers verify all the raw materials and sort them properly.


Workers take help from automated machines or through manual processes. In stitching, they joined the trimmed pieces to make the upper of the replica shoes.

Step 4: Sole Manufacturing

In sole making, manufacturers join several rubber pieces to make a sandwich that takes the shape of the entire sole in the end.

Step 5: Assembly And Finishing

In the finishing process, suppliers wrap the upper stitched pieces over the last and attach a sole to them with the help of glue.


The mounting machine helps a lot here. In the finishing sector, carnauba wax helps to polish the shoe, giving it its signature shine and durability to the shoe material.

Step 6: Quality Check And Packaging

In the final step of making replica shoes, manufacturers add shoe laces and insoles to the shoes.


A strict quality control system checks the quality of shoes and proceeds further with packaging.


Cropped picture of young shoemaker in workshop making shoes.
Cropped picture of young shoemaker in workshop making shoes.


Figure 3. Manufacturing of replica shoes

4. Can I Order A Test Pair Of Replica Shoes From a Chinese Supplier Before Placing A Big Order?

Yes, you can order a test pair of replica shoes from Chinese suppliers before placing a big order.


For this purpose, you need to request a test pair of replica shoes in the inquiry box on the supplier’s website.


The supplier will send you a free test pair for your quality satisfaction. Ordering a sample helps buyers inspect the quality and material of the replica shoes.


Further, it helps the buyer decide whether he should place a big order. Placing orders from reliable and honest replica shoe suppliers can eliminate your doubts to a great extent.


Once satisfied with the test pair, you can place a big order from the Chinese replica shoe supplier.



3D printer printing shoe figure close-up
3D printer printing shoe figure close-up

Figure 4. Test pair of replica shoes

5. Why Are Chinese Replica Shoes Suppliers Cheap Compared To The Rest Of The World?

The Chinese replica shoes suppliers are cheap as compared to the rest of the world because of certain factors:

1. Locally Produced Machines

Chinese suppliers prepare the machinery for shoemaking of their own. That’s why they do not import machinery from other countries.


This factor reduces the cost of replica shoes to a great extent.

2. Low Labor Cost

The labor cost in China is low because Chinese suppliers help the unemployed Chinese to work in the factory.


Therefore, this factor contributes to inexpensive Chinese replica shoe suppliers.

3. Machine Maintenance

When the Chinese suppliers find problems with their shoemaking machinery, they do not seek help from outside.


They take help from a massive setup in their homeland to fix the machinery issues.

4. Low Tax On Shipment

The Chinese government imposes a low tax on exporting replica shoes. The tax ratio is relatively low as compared to other countries.


Therefore, Chinese suppliers can easily export replica shoes to the rest of the world at a cheaper cost.



Istanbul, Turkey, September 22., 2018: Bunch of fake brand shoes at the bazaar
Istanbul, Turkey, September 22., 2018: Bunch of fake brand shoes at the bazaar

Figure 5. Cheap Chinese replica shoes

6. How Much Time Does It Take To Deliver A Batch Of Replica Shoes By Chinese Suppliers?

The average time to deliver a batch of replica shoes by a Chinese supplier is 35 to 40 days.


However, different factors impact the delivery time, like:

● Distance From Factory

Suppose the factory is far from the destination point. The chances are high that delivery time will be affected.

Dilvery time of batch of replica shoes
Happy young businessman owner packing shoes to cardboard box, Young Owner Woman Start up for Business Online. People with online shopping SME entrepreneur or freelance working concept.

The less distance between the factory area and the destination point will reduce the order’s delivery time.

● The Order Quantity

If you placed a large order from the replica shoe suppliers, the mass production would take time to complete. Therefore, suppliers will require a good time to deliver the order.

● Mode Of Shipment

The shipping method you choose for delivery significantly impacts the delivery time of the replica shoe order.


Ocean and land shipments take time to deliver compared to air shipments. Choosing air freight can lessen the lead time to a great extent.

● Customized Order

Placing a highly customized order may impact the manufacturing time of the replica shoes.


However, ordering from the supplier’s traditional design and color options may help you get your order on time.


Woman in bright red leather ankle sneaker shoes
Woman in bright red leather ankle sneaker shoes


Figure 6. Delivery time of batch of replica shoes

7. What Is the Average Cost Of Replica Shoes Per Pair?

The average cost of replica shoes varies between $9-$39. However, various factors affect the price of replica shoe pairs.


If you place an order for replica shoes on low MOQ, the chances are high that you will get replica shoes per pair at higher price rates.


If you order replica shoes on high MOQ, you may get at a low price of replica shoes per pair. In this way, the MOQ affects the price of replica shoes per pair.


Through several ways, you can reduce the price of replica shoe pairs.


  • Buying from the supplier that offers you the best price for replica shoes is a great option.
  • Buying replica shoes wholesale comparatively reduces the price range of replica shoes per pair.
  • Negotiations with the suppliers can effectively lessen the price of replica shoes per pair.


Remember, you should buy replica shoes from a reliable and trustworthy supplier to maintain the quality of the shoes.



White hiking boots on white background. minimal concept. 3D render.
White hiking boots on white background. minimal concept. 3D render.

Figure 7. Cost of replica shoe pair

8. Do Chinese Replica Shoes Suppliers Provide Color And Material Customization?

Yes, Chinese replica shoe suppliers provide color and material customization options in shoes for their buyers.


You can choose the color of replica shoes as per your choice. Different color options are white, black-red, yellow, etc.


For customized replica shoes, you need to find a reliable and professional replica shoe supplier to provide you with the best material.


The material customization option also helps you to select the material that satisfies your demand of price and quality at the same time.


You can write a detailed quote to the replica shoe supplier for the customized order through their website.


Cropped picture of young shoemaker in workshop making shoes.
Cropped picture of young shoemaker in workshop making shoes.

Figure 8. Customization in replica shoes

9. Can I Reduce The Price Based On Material Selection Of Replica Shoes?

You can reduce the price based on the material selection of replica shoes. Different shoe suppliers provide customization options in the material of replica shoes.


To add quality to your replica shoes at the best price, you need to do deep research on the replica shoe material.


It would help you find quality material that is comparatively cheap and less common in shoemaking.


After that, you can ask your supplier to use that material in the replica shoe manufacturing.


Material selection on your own not only reduces the shoe price but also allows you to select the nature friend material for shoemaking.



Footprints with mannequin feet - Podiatry concept. Podiatrist medical clinic.
Footprints with mannequin feet – Podiatry concept. Podiatrist medical clinic.

Figure 9. Material selection of replica shoes

10. What Payment Methods Are Offered By Chinese Replica Shoes Suppliers?

Most replica shoe suppliers run their business online. Therefore, online payment methods are the most accessible ways to pay suppliers.


Here are different payment methods that Chinese replica shoe suppliers offer.

1. Payment Through Cash

Cash payment is the best option if you have physical access to the supplier. It’s the easiest method but can be unsafe when huge transactions come into play.

2. Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is the most common payment method, and Chinese replica shoe suppliers prefer this mode of payment. However, this payment method can be costly for the buyer.

3. Wise Payment Method

This payment method is excellent if you need frequent transfers to the replica shoe suppliers.


The wise payment mode is easy and fast. Here, you have an option to pay in your currency, and suppliers can quickly receive payment in their local currency.

4. Credit And Debit Cards

Replica shoe suppliers also accept payment through credit and debit cards. However, this payment method can get costly sometimes.


The suppliers should avoid this payment method for safety purposes.

5. Western Union

It’s another payment method that suppliers offer. Due to some security risks, the supplier and the buyer should avoid western union.

6. Escrow

Escrow is a comparatively safer mode of payment. Here, you need to pay the suppliers before the shipment, which means that a third party will transfer funds to the supplier.


But the third party holds the funds until you receive your order and after they release payment to the suppliers.


Woman with credit card and laptop
Woman with credit card and laptop


Figure 10. Payment methods

11. What Is The Order Process Of Replica Shoes From Hydshoes?

The order process of replica shoes from Hdyshoes is easy and convenient. To place an order from our site, please follow the below steps.

Step 1: Send An Enquiry

In the first step, sending an inquiry from our website will start the order process. For this purpose, you can visit our home page or contact page.


Here you can easily find an option for sending an inquiry. In the box, you can quote your desired color and design of the product and can clear your doubts about pricing.

Step 2: Place Order

In the further step, you can put the customization instruction in the inquiry box. Write about the size and packaging requirements of your order.

Step 3: Order Confirmation

In this step, our team will contact you and negotiate further about the order. It’s time to confirm your order, payment terms, and shipment methods.


Once our team receives the deposit from your side, we can confirm the delivery time.

Step 4: Pre-Shipment Inspection

After your order gets prepared, all the products go through a strict quality control system for quality assurance.


If you want to take help from an inspection team for a detailed inspection, you can avail this option.


The inspection team will give you a clear perspective about the quality of your order.

Step 5: Payments Terms And Shipment

We demand payment before the mass production gets complete.


Once we receive the balance, we will deliver orders through your desired shipping method.


We provide sea shipment with FCL and LCL options and air shipment at the best price.


Placing your order from our side will assure you of the quality, and you can get your replica shoes at the best price.


With customized logo design, we help our customers to build their brands. Further, our small MOQ requirement helps small businesses to grow.


As professional replica shoe suppliers, we receive orders from all over the world and provide the best customer service to the buyers.


Why HYD SHOES Your Best Replica Shoes Supplier


HYD SHOES replica shoes, also known as knock-off shoes, are close copies of the original shoe selling in the market. HYD SHOES team manufactures HYD replica shoes carefully for detail to closely resemble the authentic shoes. In fabrication, we use materials that are as close as possible to the real thing.

Whether you’re a supplier, wholesaler, or distributor of replica shoes, you’ve come to the right place. HYD Shoes is a certified replica shoes supplier and manufacturer that can satisfy your needs. We have more than ten years of expertise and history in developing various replica shoes in China.

Our HYD replica shoes feature easy and comfortable to wear, lightweight, and durable. It has a versatile design that can wear with virtually anything. HYD replica shoes will continue to be in style from now until infinity.

We have advanced facilities and a sophisticated manufacturing line that allow us to provide diverse replica shoes needs of customers. A thousand replica shoes are available for you. Even for bulk orders, HYD Shoes can bring the best replica shoes at a very affordable price.

Our factory employs an expert team that handles the R&D, production, marketing, quality control, logistics, and service. We can provide 1000+ designs of replica shoes that meet your most demanding requirements.

HYD SHOES , as a top shoe manufacturer and supplier, provides custom replica shoe manufacturing. We offer products with your logo, idea, design, color, sizes, and features. If you have a special request, please let us know. Our team is experienced in this industry and can develop replica shoes efficiently. You will receive free samples and designs for you to check the quality. It takes 3-20 days before you obtain the items.

In every manufacturing process, we undergo a strict quality control system to ensure high quality. HYD team provides full inspection and testing of all your replica shoes orders from raw material, accessories, sole materials, etc.

Today, our products are widely recognized, trusted, and exported to countries all over the world, covering South America, Asia, EUROPE, America, etc.

If you’re looking for the best company for your replica shoes production, HYD SHOES is your ultimate shoe. Contact us for more information on replica shoe manufacturing. We are happy to serve you anytime, anywhere.

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