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  • We have an excellent team to provide you cheap shoes with comfortable, durable, and fashionable.
  • All types of shoes meet ever-changing market demands
  • Over 200 available new designs for cheap shoes

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Private Label Ladies Footwear Supplier
  • Cheap white canvas shoes wholesale
  • Lightweight, eco-friendly, soft
  • We are using cotton, mesh, and knitted materials
  • Available at wholesale prices
Cheap Shoes from China
  • Cheap wholesale tennis shoes
  • No minimum order required
  • More than thousands of available designs
  • All are low prices
Cheap Shoes from China Wholesale
  • Cheap wholesale womens shoes
  • A wide range of running shoes to design for your selection
  • Anti-slippery, breathable, and washable
  • Suitable for all occasions
Cheap Sandals From China
  • Cheap wholesale shoes in bulk
  • Many different sizes are available
  • The colors, sizes, and designs are customizable
  • Comfortable to wear
Wholesale Ladies Footwear Supplier
  • Cheap wholesale sneakers
  • Trendy, fashionable design casual shoes
  • Hard-wearing, breathable, height increasing
  • ODM and OEM services are welcome
Cheap Designer Shoes From China
  • Cheap Shoes Wholesale
  • Available in many different styles, sizes, and colors
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Customized water shoes at cheap price
Blank Ladies Shoes Manufacturer
  • Suitable for construction, gardening, mining, etc.
  • We can send you a sample before place an order
  • Custom and standard sizes
Cheap Sport Shoes
  • Suitable for men, women, and kids
  • Many sizes and colors options
  • We can change upper outsole as per request
White Label Shoe Manufacturer for Men Shoes
  • Full sizes ranging from 39-45, 36-41, 10-35
  • We accept bulk or small orders for football shoes
  • delivery time: 10-20 working days
Cheap Sneakers Wholesale
  • High-quality raw materials
  • Different colors are available
  • Sizes, colors, and designs are customizable as per request
Cheap Soccer Shoes
  • Breathable and resilient
  • Available in a full range of sizes
  • Available in many colors, sizes, and designs
Cheap Flip Flops Bulk/cheap slippers bulk
  • Cheap white flip flops bulk
  • Available in custom and standard colors
  • The materials can customize according to your request
  • Certified to SGS, CE, BV, or as client requirements

HYD SHOES -Your Experienced Cheap Shoes Suppliers ,Cheap Shoes Factory

HYD specializes in design, development, and manufacturing any shoes at low prices. We have been a leading cheap shoes supplier for over ten years and providing various shoe options for men, women, and children. No matter what kind of shoes you need for your business, HYD has an excellent team to make your shoes more comfortable, fashionable, durable, and stylish.

HYD is your trusted cheap shoes supplier in China with over ten years of experience. We can offer customized solutions to meet your requirements. Our cheap shoes is available in many colors, designs, styles, and sizes and is highly customizable. HYD is proud to have a great team to provide our regular and new customers with top-quality shoes at low prices.

If you have your design for shoes, please share your ideas in mind. We are a trusted cheap shoes supplier in China to help you grow your business!


Leading Sneaker Supplier and Manufacturer Focus on Each Aspect and Small Details


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 The Ultimate FAQs Guide Helps Your to Search A Reliable Cheap Shoes Suppliers & Factory in China


Do you want to buy high-quality, cheap shoes in bulk from China? Confused about how to find a reliable shoe supplier?

Look no further! Because here we have penned down a complete guide to all the possible solutions on cheap shoe suppliers.

Outlines as below :

1. How To Find a Cheap Chinese Shoes Supplier?

2. Do The Manufacturers Use Low-Quality Material For Cheap Shoes?

3. When Choosing A Cheap Shoes Supplier what factors should you consider?

4. How To Check If The Quality Is Up To The Mark Of The Cheap Shoes Supplier?

5. How To Order In Bulk From Cheap Shoes Suppliers From China?

7. Is There Any Refund Policy For Cheap Shoes Suppliers From China?

<u>8. Do Cheap Shoes Suppliers Have Quality Control Certifications?

9. Do Cheap Shoes Suppliers Provide OEM/ODM Services?

10. What Is The Average Lead Time Of Chinese Cheap Shoes Suppliers?

11. How Should You Start A Shoe Business By Importing Cheap Shoes From Chinese Suppliers?

12. What Are The Major Costs Included While Buying Cheap Shoes From China In Bulk?/a

13. How To Get The Best Pricing From Chinese Cheap Shoe Suppliers?

15, Why HYD Your Best Cheap Shoes Suppliers For You


14. Are Custom Agents Required While Buying From Cheap Shoes Supplier China?


Let’s get started now :


1. How To Find a Chinese Cheap Shoes Supplier or Cheap Shoes Factory?

You can find cheap shoes suppliers by contacting B2B companies in China.

Chinese B2B companies are known as the best suppliers in China as they have been trusted globally.

However, finding the right supplier is not a piece of cake, but you can track them by proper search.

● Internet

The Internet is the best source to find any supplier for wholesale in the market. You can read customer reviews about the supplier and know about their previous trades.

Many websites can help you find cheap shoes suppliers such as Alibaba, Ali express, Made in China, and and hydshoes.

All these websites are helping millions of shoe business owners by securing their trade as a third-party service provider.

You can even filter any location, quality, or quantity by using the different features of these websites.

● Subscribe Trade Magazine

Trade magazine is providing the right direction to small business owners by providing information about the latest trends and strategies.

Even trade magazines are where most B2B companies advertise themselves.

cheap shoe manufacturing in china

Figure 1: Cheap Shoe Suppliers In China

2. Do The Manufacturers Use Low-Quality Material For Cheap Shoes?

No, professional manufacturers can never use low-quality materials for cheap shoe production. It is a common misconception that cheap shoes are of poor quality.

In reality, the majority of cheap shoes are manufactured with high-quality materials.

Hydshoes is the best example. Although we are providing it at low cost, we are using top-notch and high quality material for it.

We have been leading for 10 years in the production because we never cut corners on quality. We offer a number of choices in style, size, colour for our cheap shoes buyers at low cost.

The reason why they are cheaper is that the manufacturing process uses fewer steps and materials than what is used to make higher-end products.

However, the reality is that most low-quality shoes are made in the same places and of the same materials as higher-quality shoes.

You see, the only difference between a pair of $50 shoes and a pair of $500 shoes is the price tag.

Neither shoe style is better or worse than the other when it comes to materials.

They may look different, and they may be made in different countries, but their materials are  all pretty much the same.

cheap shoe manufacturing in china

Fig 2: Quality Shoe Manufacturing In China

3. When Choosing A Cheap Shoes Supplier what factors should you consider?

In choosing a cheap shoe supplier, you should consider the following factors;

● Complete Documentation

Whenever you find any Chinese shoe manufacturer and cheap shoes supplier, you must check their complete documentation, like patent registration, security certifications, company registration, and legal documents.

It will help you in the secure supply of your shoe luggage. Because here you are, the importer, and so are responsible for the complete security of your order.

If anything goes against the circumstances, you can’t blame the company.

● Proficiency in English

Most buyers ignore this factor and don’t pay heed if the suppliers don’t have a team to contact in the English language.

But it creates a massive problem in the future while dealing with them on a long-term basis.

Moreover, it highlights how professional they are, because if they are already dealing with international buyers, they must have an English proficient customer support system.

● Check Few Samples from Cheap Shoes Factory

Never go for the whole supply at once. First, check the respective samples to know about their quality.

This will help you in maintaining a long-lasting relationship; if you can trust the supplier, there are possibilities that your customers will charge you.

While communicating with them for the samples and quality, ask the supplier about their background, taxation system, and quality control.

● The Balance Between The Price And Quality

In China, you will find many suppliers that are selling at the lowest price in the global market.

But not all of them offer the same quality and value.

If you prefer the supplier with the lowest price than the market, there are chances that you will end up getting a poor quality product.

To overcome this issue, always negotiate with your supplier about ensuring the right quality, because, in business, you will get what you have paid for.

Since your purchase is an investment, be sure to do it at the right place by maintaining a balance between money and quality.

By following the above information, you will surely be able to find the right and cheap shoe suppliers in china.


cheap shoe manufacturing in china

Figure 3: Sample Checking

4. How To Check If The Quality Is Up To The Mark Of The Cheap Shoes Supplier?

There are many ways through which you can check if the quality of the cheap shoes supplier are up to mark or not.


● Reviews About Shoe Company

Here the point of reviews is not just about checking the company’s official site, because indeed they will all have good reviews.

Contact the customers officially or know about their services on other platforms or websites. Check whether they are providing good quality or bad? Are they fulfilling the deadlines in a proper way? How is their form of communication?

● Quality Material

Quality checking is a very crucial step while sourcing from any supplier. Make sure to completely check the sample before you can go for the final purchase.

Ensure if the shoe cut is in the same way you want, is the quality of the material is health-friendly?  Are shoes comfortable to wear?

cheap shoe manufacturing in china

Figure 4: Quality Checking

● Turnaround Time

If you are dealing as a retail business owner on a large scale, make sure about the manufacturing capacity of the cheap shoes supplier.

Some suppliers are not very stable; therefore, they cannot not deal with huge supplies.

Even if any of them can produce a large quantity, they may cut corners in quality.

You can examine their turnaround time by visiting the company and assessing how their teams are working for bulk supply.

● Custom Support

Customer support is the first factor that assures how professional a supplier is.

The trustable suppliers have excellent customer service and they deal with the buyer in a very ethical way by providing the solution to their queries.

Make sure your cheap shoes supplier is helping you in this way or not.


cheap shoe manufacturing in china

Figure 5: Customer Support

5. How To Order In Bulk From Cheap Shoes Suppliers From China?

You can order in bulk from cheap shoes suppliers by contacting your supplier and knowing about their policies in this matter. We have outlined a few tips for bulk orders below.

● Establish A Bulk Discount

Your primary purpose of sourcing for wholesale is not just getting the shoes in bulk but also having a good discount on the whole supply.

That’s why set up your value before placing the final order. Some suppliers have special policies, and they offer special discounts depending on the number of shoes.

● Agree to Documents

Before any kind of delivery, you need to read and agree to acceptable policies. This documentation will ensure the security and safety of your luggage in case of any mishap.

6. Why Are The Chinese Shoe Suppliers Cheap As Compared To European Cheap Shoes Factory?

The Chinese shoe suppliers are cheaper than other shoe suppliers. China is leading in wholesale manufacturing.

It is shown in shoe production alongside some other Asian manufacturers.

Even most brands prefer to buy from China because of affordable and high-quality shoes. Some other factors decide why Chinese suppliers are cheap and most preferred compared to European suppliers.

●  Bulk Production Of Shoes

In China, nearly everyone is a skilled worker, so labour is abundant. That’s why it can easily produce a huge supply with a quick turnaround time.

Even in European countries, brands sell shoes manufactured by Chinese wholesale suppliers.

cheap shoe manufacturing in china

Figure 6: In Bulk Shoe Production In China

● Low-Cost Production

The best part about purchasing in wholesale is the low-cost supply.

China is among the cheapest countries to buy wholesale goods, but there are many other countries where they are more expensive.

Every wholesale industry in China is in partnership with a supplier who is ready to fulfill orders.

This wholesome strategy saves a lot of costs for buyers.

● Up-To-Date Production

Chinese industries are improving technology every day; they use advanced tools and processes from manufacturing to packing, and everything is automated.

These kinds of up to date features let suppliers in the best production of shoes that are not only comfortable but also follow fashion trends.


cheap shoe manufacturing in china

Figure 7: Up To Date Production Of Shoes

7. Is There Any Refund Policy For Cheap Shoes Suppliers From China?

Yes, some suppliers offer a refund policy for cheap shoes from China.

The best thing about cheap shoes suppliers is that they make your business more profitable.

But, you must not forget to follow the refund policy of these shoes.

Firstly, you should read the refund policy whether it is right or not. If it is right and can be accepted by your customers, then you can proceed to use cheap shoes suppliers. If the policy is not acceptable to your customers, then you should cancel your order immediately.

It is important for you to check all the details of the company before you start using them as cheap shoes suppliers.

You must also check their shipping time and order delivery time.

8. Do Cheap Shoes Factory Have Quality Control Certifications?

Yes, cheap shoe suppliers have quality control certifications.

When selling shoes internationally, quality certification is a must.

The reason is that people have different cultural and living habits, so the same product quality standards are not necessarily applicable to all countries.

If they do not undergo the certification of the safety standards, there is a possibility that their shoes may not pass customs inspection, or even fail to enter other countries, which will be a disaster for their business.

These certification programs such as CE certifications ensure that the factory producing your products is following strict guidelines and producing.

If you are looking to find any shoe supplier with quality control certifications, then look no further than Hydeshoes.

We are certified cheap shoes suppliers in China and are providing high-end shoes in bulk to different buyers globally. With over 200 product kinds of shoes, we can ensure safety and quality control for every type.

Our shoes are tested by QC teams and QC systems who can give you guarantees about our shoes.

Before production in bulk, we send samples to QC team for final approval in bulk. That’s how we are ensuring quality control.


cheap shoe manufacturing in china

Figure 8: Certified Shoe Manufacturing In China

9. Do Cheap Shoes Factories Provide OEM/ODM Services?

Yes, cheap shoes suppliers provide OEM and ODM. Many shoe companies offer OEM and ODM services, but not all of them.

Some companies may offer you a manufacturing option, but only as an afterthought. This is why it is important to make sure that your suppliers are offering the best possible options to meet your specific needs.

OEM/ODM services allow you to have your own label and branding on your products and therefore help you define your own brand.

These options are often more affordable than you think and can also be much easier to manage since they allow you to keep complete control over the manufacturing process of your products.

What you have to do is to choose one of them.

If you want to manufacture customised products according to your style and requirements then original equipment manufacturing (OEM) is best.

But if you don’t want to invest your money on designing and customising production then you can go for original design manufacturers (ODM) and then opt for a private label.

cheap shoe manufacturing in china

Figure: 9 In Bulk Shoe Production

10. What Is The Average Lead Time Of Chinese Cheap Shoes Suppliers?

The average lead time of Chinese shoes suppliers is basically about 60 days but still it varies depending upon the number of shoes you need in bulk in addition to customised requirements.

Lead time is one of the important factors considered when importing shoes from China.

There are basically two types of lead time: delivery lead time and production lead time.

Delivery Lead Time

Delivery lead time is the average period that it takes for an order to arrive at the port or airport of destination. It is usually 7–15 days from the day after receiving the payment.

Production Lead Time

Production lead time is the average period between placing your order and getting it ready for shipment.

It is normally 30–45 days after receipt of payment as long as there are no special requests for custom orders that require more than 15 days to complete.

Because the production is not just made at one time, it is done in patches at different departments of the factory.

First, rubber leather, or plastic depending upon the constituent of shoes for manufacturing is prepared.

Then outlines for shoes are made, they are styled and fashioned according to requirements and then final checking, delivery. That’s how lead time is utilised.

cheap shoe manufacturing in china

Figure 10: Final Stage Of Shoe Manufacturing

11. How Should You Start A Shoe Business By Importing Cheap Shoes From Chinese Suppliers?

Owning a business after importing cheap shoes from China is not as easy as it seems. A startup business needs a proper strategy, even if the product is already available.

● Build Your Business Model

At first you need to know the strategic viewpoint on how you want to proceed in business.  Now you have a product in your hand and know about the audience ,so you have to target your right audience by setting up your own store or shoe shop.

For this you should already have your business registered with the licence.

● Hire Your Team from The Cheap Shoes Factory

When you have set up a location for your business, built a strategy, a


nd shop; further, you need to hire employees who can sell your products.

For this, you need sellers, resellers, and a manager or accountant who can keep track of your sales.

● Do Proper Marketing

Marketing plays the most crucial role while setting up your business; it helps you track the right audience.

With proper marketing, your business can gain recognition locally and internationally. Join social media platforms to make different social pages for your business.

Build campaigns that offer discount prices to customers to convert your business into a brand. Do surveys and get to know your customers’ viewpoint about how much they like your shoes.


cheap shoe manufacturing in china

Figure 11: Marketing Of Shoes

● Make Website

Last but not least, you need to have a website, which plays an essential role in the start-up business.

Make sure to have a good e-commerce website so you can sell online. Because most of the audience nowadays wants to purchase online.

Make payment preferences for your customers and allow them to opt for different payment options.

For a well-reputed business, you must respond to customer problems even if they ask for a money-back guarantee.

12. What Are The Major Costs Included While Buying Cheap Shoes From China In Bulk?

While buying from China in bulk or wholesale, you have to keep in mind that you will pay for every small service you get on your way to delivery.

You need to invest for every step from upfront pay to manufacturing, packaging, and delivery. However, the significant fee and expenditures include;

● Cost Per Unit

The primary cost is the per-unit cost.

The price range for each type of shoe differs based on the style and material used in manufacturing it.

Some of the brands have special discounts for buying Chinese shoes in bulk.

● Agent Fee

Agent fee is only needed when you have hired an agent for sourcing purposes.

Your hired agent is responsible for examining the entire luggage till it reaches your predetermined location.

But if you are doing this at your service, there is no required agent fee.

● Fee For Customer Broke And Inspection Officer

A customs broker is a person who can react in case of your absence, and the inspection officer is the one who can go to the manufacturing area and can personally examine quality or design.

But if you are doing it yourself, there will be no custom broker and inspection fee.

● Shipping fee

After your cargo leaves China and is ready to ship at your place, you need to pay the shipping fee.

The shipping fee varies depending on how you want to ship your order, either through airline service or the sail.

●  Import fees

Import fee is required when your charge reaches your location. For receiving it, you must have to pay an import fee.


13. How To Get The Best Pricing From Chinese Cheap Shoe Suppliers?

Chinese wholesale costs are different for every supplier. However, you need to have good experience loc the best pricing from the supplier.

Here are a few tips mentioned to get the best pricing from a Chinese supplier;

● Contact Manufacturer Directly

Sometimes the middle man tells you more commission than the actual manufacturer, so you have to contact the manufacturer yourself without the interference of the middle man.

By doing so, you can negotiate with the manufacturer, and there are chances that you can get an affordable price.

Are you finding the best manufacturer and supplier for the best pricing? Hydeshoes are there for you. Our primary purpose is customer satisfaction by providing them with affordable pricing. We are certified shoe manufacturer and with 10 years of experience we can help you in starting your own business with our high quality but affordable shoes.

● Always Buy In Bulk

China suppliers work on getting more products and lessons more money.

That’s why it is recommended that you buy in bulk at a time; it will reduce the cost to reduce the shipping fee.

● Get Advice From An Agent

Contacting and consulting with the agent for buying wholesale shoes from China will always be worth it for you.

It will save you money and get your proper guidance for your delivery.



cheap shoe manufacturing in china
Online sellers are packing shoes in boxes to deliver to customers.

Figure 12: Packaging Of Shoes

14. Are Custom Agents Required While Buying From Cheap Shoes Supplier China?

Yes, the customs agent is a must while buying cheap shoes from China. Although you can fulfil this duty by yourself too, hiring an expert will speed up your delivery process.

In addition, it will be easy for you to fulfil legal requirements.

Custom agents will sort out the whole delivery process for you; they will contact you with the best supplier and ensure the quality criteria.

Moreover, dealing with the legal work will not be easy for you, but due to the experience of customs agents, they can do it very efficiently.

Additionally, they will keep track of how your order is transported to your destination and will oversee the entire process of shipping.

15, Why HYD Your Best Cheap Shoes Suppliers For You

Were you looking for a cheap shoes suppliers to support your footwear brand? You’ve come to the right place. HYD is an ideal cheap shoes supplier you can trust. Whether you need standard or customized solutions for shoes, HYD can always cater to your needs.

Being one of the best cheap shoes suppliers and manufacturers in China, HYD offers a complete range of affordable shoes for men, women/ladies, and childrens. It includes casual shoes, sneakers, canvas shoes, dress shoes, trainer shoes, pumps, boots, led shoes, basketball shoes and dance shoes ,matching shoe and bag set  ,so much more.

HYD specializes in the development, innovation, and design of any shoe. We have a great team on development and research to manufacture cheap shoes with high quality. HYD can provide you a wide range of shoes with various colors, sizes, and design options through our skilled and professional workforce.

A cheap shoes supplier, HYD, stocks thousands of available shoe models in our factory. You have the privilege to choose the design, materials, sizes, and colors for your shoe needs. You can ask for design assistance from our sales team. Besides, we offer customized solutions to meet your most demanding requirements. You can send us your ideas in mind, drawings, or layout and let HYD handle the process.

As a professional cheap shoes supplier, we can help you build your brand! We can put your logo on the shoes and help you design packing materials like hangtags, boxes, tissue paper, labels, and more. HYD is a certified cheap shoes supplier and manufacturers with vast experience in this industry.

You can expect on-time delivery for your orders as we have modern production facilities, advanced technology, and a strict managing system. We ensure every processing stage from the trial sample, production sample, confirmed sample, and material preparing time to finish and ship the goods on time.

HYD can boost your brand if you want to establish a growing footwear business or any related business. You can get benefits with our ten-year experience in this industry! Make HYD your reliable cheap shoes supplier and manufacturer in China.

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