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HYD SHOES as an ever green cork sole shoes manufacturer ,we have well trained and over 5+ years on cork sole shoes inspectors to keep a close supervision on the quality of the cork sole shoes at each & every stage of manufacturing ,each department manger who hands the cork sole shoes has over 10 years experience ,that’s how we keep our cork sole shoes stable high quality .

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Import men women cork sole sandals from China

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OEM/ODM Natural Cork Sole Sandals Shoes

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Make cork sole shoes in different materials

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Size ,packing ,colors ,uppers ,outsole shape all can be customized

HYD SHOES - Your Leading Cork Sole Shoes Manufacturer in China

We ,HYD SHOES is one of the professional cork sole shoes manufacturers in China ,with more than a decade experience ,we strive hard to supply high quality cork sole shoes and other shoes (sport shoes ,sneaker ,sandals ,etc )by our advanced machinery and equipment .

Our cork sole raw materials are from all over China ,some are from fujian province and some are from zhejiang province ,by purchasing raw materials from different places to complete different cork sole shoes designs .

Our designers travel every month to different cork sole shoes industrial places to learn ,and our  cork sole shoes designers travel time to time to different shows to look for inspirations ,that’s how we keep our cork sole shoes design unique .

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Cork Sole Shoes Manufacturer China: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Holding inventory for high-quality cork sole shoes that can be customized for your clients is always very important. If you are seeking to find the best cork shoe manufacturer in China and need to have some questions answered, this FAQ guide below could be of great help.


1.      What Are The Minimum Order Quantities For Cork Sole Shoes, And Do You Offer Flexibility For Initial Orders?

Ans. The minimum order quantity for the cork sole shoes varies depending on the order, and some of the factors on which minimum order quantity and flexibility in initial order depend include the following: The minimum order quantity can be as follows:

  • Hundreds of pairs and up to thousands of pairs.
  • If you wish to look at the quality, you can also place sample orders, typically less than the orders in larger volumes.
  • Various seasonal factors can influence minimum order quantity. The minimum order quantity is high during the popular seasons, and the minimum order quantity may be reduced during the off-season.

2.      Can You Provide Details About The Customization Options Available For Cork Sole Shoes, Such As Colors, Designs, And Sizes?

Ans. There are various options that you can go for when it comes to colors, designs, and sizes, and they can be customized; some of these options are as follows:

  • Cork sole shoes can be dyed in multiple colors to match specific themes and names.
  • The cork sole may also be equipped with custom designs, which may comprise logos, patterns, and required designs that you may need based on your personalized options.
  • We have multiple sizes at HYD Shoes, which are the standard options. However, the sizes based on your requirements can also be adjusted with customization.
  • The thickness and material of the shoes can also be customized based on a variety, which comprises the insole, lining, and upper part.

 Customization of cork sole shoes

Figure 1: Customization of cork sole shoes

3.      What Are The Lead Times For Production And Delivery Of Cork Sole Shoe Orders?

Ans. The lead times of the production and delivery of cork sole shoes we offer depend on multiple factors. Some of the factors for the lead times in the context of production and delivery may comprise the following:

  • The production process of sole shoes takes several weeks, and this accounts for the time for manufacturing, quality control, and customization.
  • The complexity of customization also varies the lead time in the case of intricate design, and specific color combinations and sizes may need additional time.
  • The order quantity is also a factor to consider; the lead time may be longer in case of a large volume of orders.
  • The delivery time also depends on the Chinese means of transport; in cases where the shipping method is by air, it takes less time to reach; however, in the case of by sea, the time for delivery can be longer.

4.      Are there any specific requirements or certifications To Import cork sole shoes into our country?

Ans. The specific requirements or certifications for importing cork sole shoes into different countries may vary in the following ways:

  • Customs documentation like packing lists, commercial invoices, and bills of lading are usually needed to import the shoes based on their values.
  • Most countries also have specific product compliance requirements, so safety standards must be met, as sufficient evidence is also needed for compliance.
  • Certain countries even need import licenses or permits for footwear, and before importing cork sole shoes, necessary documentation must be obtained.
  • Import footwear may be subjected to taxes and duties, and it must be ensured that the relevant understanding of the duty rates and taxes is understood.
  • Labeling requirements must also be met for imported goods, and the cork soles shoes should be labeled accordingly.

Certification of shoes

Figure 2: Certification of shoes

5.      Can You Provide Samples Of Your Cork Sole Shoes For Quality Assessment Before Placing Bulk Orders?

Ans. Yes, we offer our prospective clients samples to assess the quality at HYD Shoes. However, a proper procedure is needed to have the samples, including following the steps below.

  • You can contact our team first and discuss that you want a sample; also, specify any customizations you may need to have incorporated in the sample.
  • Make sure to know about our sample policy beforehand, as we have specific lead times, and based on customizations, you will have costs to incur for the samples. Make sure you know about them.
  • Specify your requirements for the samples, which comprise details on sizes, designs, and colors that you may have in mind regarding the rider and want to have in your samples.
  • Ask about the lead time as well and specify the mode of shipping so that you may have an idea as to around what time you will receive your sample.

6.      How Do You Ensure Quality Consistency Across Large Orders Of Cork Sole Shoes?

Ans. To ensure consistency of quality across the large orders of cork sole shoes, we follow a robust check and balance as discussed below:

  • We expect our clients to provide detailed specifications regarding the cork sole shoes, including size, colors, designs, and material, so we have a yardstick to measure the product against it.
  • We always source the raw materials from reputable suppliers for manufacturing the cork sole shoe and keep a check and balance on the quality.
  • We have a team for quality inspection that keeps an eye on the different stages of production. For this, the team checks the raw material, the product manufactured during the manufacturing stage, and the final product.
  • We also conduct sample-based testing to verify our products meet specific quality standards.

 Consistency of quality

Figure 3: Consistency of quality

7.      Are There Any Pricing Incentives For Bulk Or Recurring Orders Of Cork Sole Shoes?

Ans. The manufacturing industry commonly looks for price incentives for bulk and recurring orders. Some of the price incentives commonly available are:

  • If you are placing your orders in a bulk quantity for the cork shoe sole, you will be able to get bulk discounts, bearing the cost per unit is low in bulk orders.
  • If you regularly order from us and repeat your order, we also offer discounts on the prices.
  • By signing a long-term contract with us, we offer you favorable pricing due to a long-term commitment.
  • Moreover, when you place bulk orders with us, we offer you favorable pricing terms and flexible payment schedules.

8.      What Payment Terms And Methods Do You Accept For Wholesale Purchases Of Cork Sole Shoes?

Ans. The methods and payment terms for the wholesale purchases of the cork sole shoes offered by us comprise the following:

  • You can pay the advance upfront before our production starts, and the remaining payment is made before shipping once your goods are ready.
  • We also offer a letter of credit, a financial instrument, and a bank that guarantees payment to the supplier once some documents are presented.
  • In large orders, we also offer installment payment, which helps spread the total cost over multiple payments at various intervals.
  • We accept bank wire transfers, a common method for international transactions.
  • We also accept credit card payments, which are very convenient payment methods.
  • Most of our clients also opt for escrow services, and it makes a third party hold the funds once the two parties contract to fulfill their obligations. It offers assurance to both and releases the payment.

Payment terms

Figure 4: Payment terms

9.      Can You Accommodate Private Labeling Or Branding Requests For Cork Sole Shoes?

Ans. Yes, we at HYD Shoes cater to the requests for private labeling for cork shoes, and for that, you need to follow some essential requirements.

  • You must communicate your private labeling or training requirements with us. For this, you should include your brand name, logo, and other elements essential for branding.
  • If you have particular branding requirements that need customization, like printing or embossing, let us know that, followed by the size of the labels.
  • Make sure to look at the labeling and branding by asking for samples.
  • For private labeling, we have a minimum order limit; understand that and place your order accordingly.
  • Labeling and branding come at an additional cost, and the cost may vary based on your customization requirements. Make sure to inquire about that and place the order accordingly.

10. Do You Offer Any After-Sales Support Or Warranties For Cork Sole Shoes Purchased In Bulk?

Ans. Yes, we offer after-sales support and warranties for our cork sole shoes. We have specific policies regarding after-sales support warranties and returns. You need to adhere to time limits and understand specific conditions of warranties.

Sales support

Figure 5: Sales support

11. How Do You Handle Packaging And Shipping Logistics For Bulk Orders Of Cork Sole Shoes?

Ans. The handling of packaging and shipping for bulk orders of cork sole shoes at HYD Shoes is based on the following considerations.

  • We offer standard packaging for the shoes; however, if you have any specific requirements for customized packaging, you can discuss them with us, including adding logos and brand names.
  • We also offer multiple shipping options, including air freight, sea freight, and other courier series. You can choose the best method that suits you in terms of speed, reliability, and cost.
  • Shipping costs may vary depending on the location, so understand them beforehand, as they will be a part of your costs.

12. Can You Provide Information About The Materials Used In The Cork Sole Shoes, Ensuring They Comply With Environmental Or Safety Regulations?

Ans. Cork is a sustainable material and has its specific properties. Some of the details regarding environmental and safety regulations related to cork soles are as follows:

  • We ensure that our cork sole shoes are made using genuine cork, known for its eco-friendliness, lightweight, and flexibility.
  • Apart from cork soles, the other materials used for the upper part and lining are also essential, and we make sure to use eco-friendly fabrics.
  • The materials used in the manufacturing of cork sole shoes, as well as cork, are equipped with relevant certifications that are committed to sustainability.
  • We have our own designed approach to staying committed to eco-friendly practices; for this, we use recycled materials and minimize waste.

Compliance with regulations

Figure 6: Compliance with regulations

13. Are Any Ongoing Or Upcoming Innovations Or New Product Lines In Cork Sole Shoes That Might Interest Wholesalers Or Distributors?

Ans. As technology advances, innovations in the new product lines for cork sole shoes are also increasing. New designs, more environment-friendly materials, and improvement in quantity are expected.

We at HYD Shoes, with our research and development department team, consistently look forward to advancing in the manufacturing of various aspects of cork sole shoes. We always keep in touch with the wholesalers and distributors who update us on customer demand and feedback.

Considering the customers’ requirements and what people want as the cork sole shoes, we keep upgrading our product line to cater to everyone.

14. What Distinguishes Your Cork Sole Shoes From Competitors In Terms Of Quality, Design, Or Eco-Friendliness?

Ans. Various factors distinguish us from the competitors in various ways, and some of these are as follows:

  • The quality material we offer in cork sole shoes has a high-grade finish, offering flexibility, durability, and endless comfort.
  • We always look forward to being innovative in terms of our designs, and this helps us set our brand apart from competitors. We ensure using distinct shapes and embellishments followed by various customized patterns.
  • We also look forward to customizing cork sole shoes for our clients based on their preferences, and this helps us to upgrade our product line in a diversified way.
  • At HYD Shoes, we follow eco-friendly practices; for this, we source genuine cork and ensure the use of recyclable material.
  • Our cork sole shoes are highly comfortable, so we are working on introducing ergonomic designs, cushioning, and features that offer foot support.
  • The durability of our cork sole shoes is also commendable, and it helps to increase their lifespan.
  • Our shoes are equipped with certifications adhering to industry standards that offer a commitment to quality and safety.


 Eco-friendliness of shoes

Figure 7: Eco-friendliness of shoes

15. What Role Does China Play In Manufacturing Cork Sole Shoes For Global Markets?

Ans. China plays a magnificent role in manufacturing cork sole shoes for the global markets, and some of the aspects of such role played by China are discussed below:

  • China is known for its large-scale manufacturing hubs; it has enormous and efficient manufacturing setups that help produce a wide variety of high-quality shoes.
  • China is also known for offering cost-effective solutions for manufacturing affordable cork sole shoes in global demand. It is because they have access to low-cost labor and raw materials.
  • China has a widespread network of suppliers, allowing them to source materials and other components needed for the production of shoes.
  • Chinese manufacturers also invest in advanced technologies when it comes to manufacturing; hence, they can manufacture products efficiently and equipped with high-quality production.
  • Chinese manufacturers are known for customization capabilities, and based on your preferences and designs, you can have these shoes manufactured by them.
  • China offers a global supply of all the products that it manufactures. It has a well-integrated supply chain, which helps distribute the products smoothly globally.
  • Due to the increasing emphasis on sustainability practices in manufacturing, China has been able to manufacture cork sole shoes using eco-friendly materials and hence is capable of meeting the demand for sustainable footwear.

16. How Are Cork Sole Shoes Manufactured In China, And What Processes Are Involved?

Ans. The process of manufacturing cork sole shoes is as follows in China.

  • The process starts with designing the cork sole shoes; the designers make sketches and consider important factors like size, functionality, and style of the shoes.
  • The raw material is the source for the cork sole shoes, as the primary material is cork, and other materials for the upper and inner parts are also ordered, followed by other essential components.
  • The cork sheets are cut into the required design and dimensions.
  • The pieces of cork then undergo the process of molding and pressing so that the components are attached by assembling them.
  • Once the upper part and sole are attached, the inner sole is added for comfort, and the finishing and detailing take place.
  • The final product then undergoes quality checks and is packed and shipped.

 Factors contributing to popularity of cork sole shoes


Figure 8: Manufacturing process of cork sole shoes


17. How Are Durability And Comfort Assured Without Compromising Sustainability?

Ans. At HYD Shoes, comfort and durability are assured without any compromise on sustainability in the following ways:

  • We use high-quality cork material for the soles, which is natural and hence offers durability, ensuring sustainability.
  • We always choose cork, which is equipped with sustainability and is certified.
  • The components used in our cork sole shoes are made of recycled material, which offers sustainability.
  • We look forward to creating biodegradable material in our shoes, which also reduces environmental impact at the end of their life.
  • Our manufacturing process is energy efficient, and we also look forward to reducing waste, which helps minimize the environmental impact.

18. What Factors Contribute To The Growing Popularity Of Cork Sole Shoes Globally?

Ans. The factors that contribute to the popularity of cork sole shoes globally comprise the following:

  • Since cork is a natural and renewable material, consumers look forward to such shoes due to their eco-friendliness.
  • Cork is a lightweight material and hence offers an endless comfortable experience to the consumers.
  • The nature of cork is such that it has shock absorption properties and hence offers cushioning and comfort in the best possible way.
  • Cork soles offer a lot of versatility; there are multiple options in terms of designs; hence, when customers have diverse preferences, the shoes fit versatile tastes.
  • Cork offers a natural appearance and texture; hence, the visual appeal of this material offers stylish layouts for footwear.

 Manufacturing process of cork sole shoes

Figure 9: Factors contributing to popularity of cork sole shoes

19. How Do Consumers Perceive And Accept Chinese-made Cork Sole Shoes?

Ans. The ways consumers perceive and accept Chinese-made cork sole shoes comprise the following factors:

  • Consumers consider the quality and reliability of the shoes; a brand with a high reputation positively impacts the shoe’s quality, which matters to the consumers.
  • The quality of the cork sole shoes plays a vital role when consumers are offered shoes that are manufactured with high-quality material and comprise suitable craftsmanship the consumers prefer having them.
  • Due to the increasing concern about sustainability and the impact of products on the environment, cork sole shoes are opted by customers due to their sustainable nature.
  • The impact of design and style also plays a vital role in accepting the shoes. Hence, consumers perceive the cork sole shoes manufactured by HYD Shoes as a must-have.

20. How Are Design, Materials, And Technology Evolving In The Production Of Cork Sole Shoes?

Ans. The cork sole shoes produced these days are featuring an evolution in terms of their design, material, and technology, and some of these innovations are as follows:

  • Designers these days explore innovative styles and collaborate with manufacturers to attain diversity based on consumer preference.
  • The emphasis is also placed on sourcing sustainable material that can be recycled, and for this, emphasis is placed on considering evolving technology to achieve such materials and sustainability.
  • Advanced technologies for comfort are also integrated into the cork sole shoes that offer sufficient support and cushioning, which offers ease to people when wearing these shoes for a more extended period.


Why Choose HYD SHOES as Your Cork Sole Shoes Manufacturer


Besides production lines ,HYD SHOES as a leading cork sole shoes manufacturer, we also has talented teams includes management ,consulting team ,sales team ,and support team ,all these will save your time and mind to support your cork sole shoes business .


HYD SHOES as a top cork sole shoes manufacturer , we offer a large numbers of available cork sole shoes designs for you options ,and we have ability of shipping the goods in 15-25days ,we accept small MOQ and mixed order for our cork sole shoes models .

We are a manufacturer and exporter of Cork sole shoes, sandals and slippers across the globe at competitive prices.

Our Cork Sole Shoes Manufacturer is focused on producing quality footwear. Our mission is to use our shoes’ technology, design and production capabilities to maximize value for our customers and partners.

As a professional Cork Sole Shoes Manufacturer, Our cork footwear is comfortable, stylish and environmentally friendly. Designed with comfort in mind, our shoes are made of all natural cork material that is renewable and biodegradable. In addition to being a sustainable alternative to leather shoes, our cork sole silhouette also delivers a lighter weight offering compared to traditional sole materials like rubber or plastic.

We’re a certified cork sole shoes manufacturer. We specialize in manufacturing eco-friendly and comfortable cork sole shoes with high quality and competitive prices.

As a unique, sustainable and eco-friendly shoe manufacturing factory ,we have been making shoes from cork for over 12 years. Our staff are skilled in the art of cutting, pressing and stitching this incredible natural material into footwear that blends with your foot for comfort, durability and style.

Working with us ,the one-stop cork sole shoes manufacturer ,HYD SHOES will support as much as we can ,and we are able to supply you not only cork sole shoes but also other types of shoes ,we will be your reliable one-stop shoes business partner in China .

We are 7/24 hours online ,please contact us for the cork sole shoes ,thank you !

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